CAAC and Huawei Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

May 15, 2019

[Beijing, China, May 15, 2019] On May 15, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei in Beijing. Under the agreement, Huawei and the CAAC will cooperate on top-level design and construction of smart civil aviation, demonstrations of technological innovations and their application, standards formulation, and talent cultivation and exchanges. The two parties will make joint efforts to promote smart civil aviation construction and implement the civil aviation power strategy.

The rapid development of ICT has ushered in the smart society, bringing fundamental changes to industry production modes. Driven by new technologies such as 5G and AI, ICT will be applied in industry production systems more than personal services and enterprise office, boosting digital transformation of various industries, including the civil aviation industry.

CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin (third from left, back row) and Huawei's Rotating Chairman Guo Ping (third from right, back row) attending the signing ceremony

CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin said that the CAAC highly values its cooperation with Huawei, which has strategic significance in improving civil aviation development quality and shifting China from a great civil aviation nation to a civil aviation power. The cooperation will focus on smart civil aviation construction, where Huawei's strengths and advantages can be fully leveraged.

Feng Zhenglin thanked Huawei for its years of technical support in China's civil aviation development. He believes that this strategic cooperation with Huawei marks the starting point for the CAAC to further promote all-round digital, smart civil aviation construction for air traffic control (ATC), airports, airlines, and service assurance. The CAAC and Huawei will team up to construct smart aviation with powerful capabilities, strong ambition, and great confidence.

Guo Ping, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, said that Huawei welcomes the opportunity to carry out digital cooperation with the CAAC. Huawei with its partners will fully support digital and intelligent transformation of the civil aviation industry. He added that China is at a critical point of moving from a great civil aviation nation to a civil aviation power. As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei faces great new challenges in terms of achieving high-quality civil aviation development. Huawei will facilitate industry development through its successful practices and experience in digitalizing the civil aviation industry.

Huawei's vision is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. Guo Ping pointed out that Huawei has cooperated with ecosystem partners to develop reliable solutions, including 5G, AI, and big data, to continuously create value for customers and drive cross-industry innovation.

According to the agreement, the CAAC and Huawei will jointly set up a leadership office and team. The cooperation focuses on the following five aspects:

  • Smart civil aviation top-level design by the CAAC and Huawei.
  • Smart civil aviation construction. The two parties will carry out results-oriented cooperation in multiple civil aviation topics, including safe, green, smart, and cultural airports; safe, efficient, smart, and collaborative ATC; airline operations management, general aviation, smart security, civil aviation big data, on-board Internet access, drone, industry supervision and statistics, and more.
  • Demonstrations of technological innovations and their application. The CAAC supports Huawei to strengthen its technological innovation capabilities in the civil aviation industry in order to enable the company to help construct innovative civil aviation projects.
  • Standards formulation. The CAAC encourages Huawei to participate in standards research for the civil aviation industry, as well as development of rules, standards, and operating procedures for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Talent cultivation and exchanges. The CAAC encourages civil aviation universities and research institutes to carry out talent communication and cooperation with Huawei, and supports Huawei's application to join the Plan on Promoting Innovative Talents in Civil Aviation Science and Technology project.

Huawei has accumulated extensive experience in digitalizing the civil aviation industry through years of hard work.

In terms of building safe, green, smart, and cultural airports, Huawei deeply engaged in ICT-based construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport, Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport, and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. Huawei has joined hands with its partners to develop the Smart Airport Solution, providing innovative technical architectures, solutions, products, and services for airports.

During the construction of safe, efficient, smart, and collaborative ATC, Huawei has cooperated closely with Air Traffic Management Bureau of the CAAC to establish a joint innovation engineering center. In addition, Huawei has explored and researched the ATC development trend as well as current business challenges with regional bureaus, aiming at incubating scenario-based solutions based on in-depth integration of the latest technologies and ATC service scenarios.

Huawei is a cloud service provider for airport digital operations. It aims to maximize the advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD, including intelligence, wide coverage, and strong support. It will lay a solid foundation for airline service deployment on the cloud, as well as flexible and diversified services and functions.

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