Celebrating our first 20 years in Brazil: Huawei chairman Dr. Howard Liang discusses a new era for the digital economy

Via Huawei Corporate News

Jun 6, 2018

[Brasilia, Brazil, June 6, 2018] Huawei Chairman Dr. Howard Liang recently visited Brazil to attend events to mark Huawei's 20th year in that country. On June 6, he spoke at the Brazil Digital Transformation Summit, offering his insights into trends and opportunities for Brazil.

Huawei Chairman Dr. Howard Liang speaking at the Brazil Digital Transformation Summit

Dr. Liang noted that Huawei has set down roots in Brazil, and worked to grow the industry and the ecosystem as a responsible corporate citizen. He emphasized that Huawei is In Brazil, For Brazil for the long term.

Speaking about Huawei's efforts in Brazil, Dr. Liang said that "Huawei has worked with telecom operators to connect more than two-thirds of the population of Brazil. We helped Brazil's government and public institutions go digital. We also provide strong network assurances for major sports competitions and events. These include the World Cup four years ago, the Olympics two years ago, and the excitement of each year's Carnival of Brazil."

In Brazil, For Brazil

Huawei is dedicated to always being there when Brazil needs us. The people of Brazil love sports, and we love making those events possible through secure and reliable networks.

Touching on what it takes to make such events a reality, Dr. Liang said, "Actually, it isn't easy to organize communications for a large sports event. Just think of how many people are relying on those systems to enjoy the game! You need to deploy over one hundred types of equipment. Our expert teams work closely with customers day and night on-site during events."

Huawei's efforts ensure that audiences can enjoy events like the World Cup and the Olympics without any interruption. The company helps ensure events can be enjoyed to their fullest.

According to Dr. Liang, Huawei has experienced many unforgettable moments over the past 20 years, and those moments are now part of the company's DNA in Brazil.

As digital technology and digital infrastructure from ICT become widely applied across all industries, Dr. Liang sees the impact of such technology growing. Industries will be redefined, driving economic growth and raising living standards everywhere.

Three Major Trends

Dr. Liang noted that the digital economy is entering a new era of development on a global scale. In his remarks, he described three major trends and opportunities for Brazil moving forward.

The first trend is that everything is going to the cloud. As this happens, there are enormous opportunities for the development of cloud and cloud services in Brazil. Dr. Liang emphasized that it is important to give these opportunities strategic attention and work to seize them.

The second trend is that all "things" will become connected and be able to sense. "People to people, people to things, and things to things – everything will be connected," explained Dr. Liang. "This includes public services, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and finance. Industry digitalization has enormous space for development in Brazil."

The third trend is that enterprises are beginning to truly leverage the value of data through digitalization. Those who do better data analytics will get more value in return. With constant improvements in data, algorithms, and computing power, data will also be managed better and better.

Looking ahead to a new era

This new era of development in the digital economy presents all-new opportunities for Brazil. Speaking to this point, Dr. Liang added that "ICT infrastructure will play a pivotal role in helping Brazil seize these opportunities. As industries go digital, new development opportunities will arise, unleashing new momentum for the economic development of Brazil."

Huawei will continue to provide the highest quality services to Brazil as a key partner in ICT infrastructure and industry digitalization. Dr. Liang outlined Huawei's plan by saying that "We will help Brazil to go digital with ICT infrastructure. Huawei will continue to invest in digital technologies like cloud, 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence. This includes building ICT infrastructure platforms that promote greater synergy between devices, networks, and the cloud. Our ecosystem partners in Brazil across all industries can innovate and grow in the robust business environment that Huawei creates. Together, we are building a favorable industry ecosystem and driving economic growth and social development."

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