Top Ten Mobile Moments: Number 10 - Now that’s what I call a phone

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Welcome to episode 10 of TelecomTV’s Top Ten Mobile Moments, where we are taking a retrospective look back at our twenty years of supporting MWC and its 3GSM predecessor.

Do you remember the mobile phone before it became an anonymised black slab? Well, here’s a tale for the kids - once upon a time they looked very, very different. Hardware differentiation was a big deal - and I mean proper differentiation - not just shaving a couple of millimetres off the thickness or adjusting the radius of the corners.

What about the battle for control of the operating system - long before Apple and Android - between Symbian, Microsoft and Linux? Or when we went mad for mash-up phones, like the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone? And did you know that LG had a cellular watch years before Apple?

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