AI for telcos is relevant to more than just the customer call centre

Ray Le Maistre
By Ray Le Maistre

Dec 7, 2023

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If you believe the hype, artificial intelligence (AI) is the solution to every problem, and it won't be long before AI and machine learning (ML) find their way into all aspects of life. Given the apparently limitless possibilities, where can AI best be applied within a telco organisation to achieve maximum effect? While chatbots and customer care functions might have been the earliest beneficiaries of telco AI, what will the impact of this technology be on networks and operations? Looking further ahead, and given the rapid advances in generative AI, should telcos be training or even creating their own large language models?

First Broadcast Live: December 2023


Akira Tada

Head of Executive Briefing Center, Executive Digital Business Strategist, Softbank

Anand Vaidyanathan

Principal Consultant - NFV, 5G Orchestration & OSS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Michael McGroarty

Senior Business Development Manager, VMware

Nik Willetts

CEO, TM Forum

Raj Yavatkar

Chief Technology Officer, Juniper Networks