Monetizing eSIM/iSIM as Root of Trust (Demo)

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The integrated SIM (iSIM) takes all the benefits of a standards-compliant embedded SIM (eSIM) and embeds them into the device’s permanent hardware array by combining the SIM with the system-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture and cellular modem. iSIM technology provides lower footprint and introduces extra layers of iSIM security through a secure enclave that maintains the integrity of all cryptographic and key managed operations.

Thus, iSIM acts as the Root-of-Trust to achieve secure and touchless device-to-device authentication, and control when and what data is shared and accessed and by whom. With a unique trusted digital identity, consumers and devices can now seamlessly access public and private e-services.

Designed to meet both GSMA Consumer and M2M provisioning standards, Nokia iSIM Secure Connect addresses the unique scalability and connectivity challenges that the combination of IoT and iSIM bring. Now available in a SaaS model, Nokia iSIM Secure Connect automates the entire remote provisioning and subscription lifecycle management process to enable eSIM or iSIM powered devices to become digital identifiers in fully automated machine-to-machine communications.