Swisscom launches five new products for Business Customers

The Mobile ID ecosystem is growing and expanding into other countries

Mobile ID is a simple, secure authentication system using a mobile phone. It is one of the most secure two-factor processes in Switzerland and works on any mobile. After the three mobile communications providers Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt, UPC will also be offering its customers Mobile ID as of 22 May 2019. Mobile ID is now also integrated into SwissID: Here, users can choose whether they want to use Mobile ID for strong authentication for services. The Mobile ID ecosystem is also growing in other countries – although it is not based on a SIM card there, but rather in the form of an app. As well as a password-free login process, this will also support the electronic signature service as a method for an expression of intent. Further information:

Mainframe as a service – a small "world premiere"

For the first time, Swisscom has succeeded together with LzLabs in migrating legacy mainframe applications to a modern Cloud without having to reformat the data or recompile the applications. Thanks to the migration of its own business-critical applications (2500 MIPS) to the Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud, Swisscom is saving around 60% of its usual mainframe operating costs. Swisscom now offers all interested parties the re-hosting of mainframe applications in the Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud (x86). Swisscom is thereby acting as both integrator and operator: Analysis, planning and migration of native mainframe applications to the Cloud by means of four transformation modules and based on open-source solutions. After the migration, customers can count on the same service and stability as before – but significantly more flexible, economical and modern. Further information

Enterprise Mobile 2.0 – combined with excellent service

The mobile phone has long been the linchpin of everyday business. With digitisation and mobilisation of business processes, the security, availability and remote management of mobile devices plays a key role. These days, customers want more than a subscription; they want customised end-to-end solutions consisting of mobile subscriptions and services. For this reason, as of April 2019, the basic version of Enterprise Mobile 2.0 now includes additional services without additional costs for employee touchpoints, device configuration and device logistics - these include Mobility for Work, Enterprise Mobile Management and Device-as-a-Service. The whole portfolio has a modular structure and offers individual solutions and upgrade options. For us, however, customer care is about much more than just than subscriptions & services. Since last week, this now includes a new Mobile Online Shop, which enables one-step ordering with easy selection of devices and device financing, as well as device configuration with automatic enrolment for Apple & Android.

As another new service, we will be offering a MyCloud subscription from Swisscom free of charge for every NATEL go business subscription. This includes unlimited storage of photos and videos as well as 250GB of memory for other documents – the data are all stored in Switzerland. Further information

NFS Elastic file service – fast provisioning instead of operating yourself

From June on, the new NFS Elastic file service will solve several problems at once for Swisscom customers: it used to be very time-consuming when a customer wanted multiple Linux servers to access the same data storage (e.g. Docker, Home, data drive, etc.) and also required regular backup (e.g. database storage). NFS Elastic allows the customer to provision an integrated NFS file service in a few minutes instead of setting up and running it themselves. Consumption is calculated and charged completely automatically on an hourly basis (=elastic), the data are stored 100% in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland. Further information

Well-Architected Review – the free architecture check for the Cloud

Increasing numbers of companies are storing their applications and data in the Cloud in order to benefit from its advantages. First, only individual workloads are migrated, with others constantly being added over time. This constant growth can result in the Cloud infrastructure being inefficient. Well-Architected Review, the independent, free architecture check from Swisscom, can help here. The Cloud architecture is very simply checked for efficiency and security. The first customer, Swisscom Blockchain AG, is now operating its Cloud solution significantly more efficiently and with fewer resources, thanks to the review.

The check is free of charge; the costs for the implementation of the recommended security and efficiency-increasing measures depend on the actual effort required. Swisscom is the first purely Swiss provider offering this architecture review in accordance with the pillars of Amazon Web Services – the Well-Architected Framework. The pillars of an architecture check are: security, operation excellence, reliability, performance and efficiency, as well as cost optimisation. Further information:

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