Wirecard and T-Systems offer innovative concept for connected shopping

07-06-2018 Lisa Machnig

  • Digital shopping cart concept shows complete purchases via app in-store

Digital shopping cart

Wirecard and T-Systems are working with retailers on the digital supermarket: The concept is designed to let consumers draw up their shopping list using an app, for example, at home. In-store, shoppers link their smartphones to a shopping cart that will take them interactively through the store to the items on their shopping list. The shopping cart is equipped with a screen showing which products on the list are already in the cart and, in line with this, customers also receive appropriate personalized information and offers. Sensors capture the route at certain points in the store.

Customers scan the products they selected with the app and at the end of the shopping process, they pay quickly and conveniently in a single click.

Customers and retailers benefit to an equal degree: Consumers can quickly link their app, including their digital shopping list, with the shopping cart and – most importantly – save time when paying. Retailers can identify actual customer paths and preferences from the data captured. This gives them valuable insights into where best to place their products. The new prototype of the networked shopping cart uses loT technology with AI algorithms. It makes clear how fully digitized solutions can completely revolutionize in-store shopping experiences – and can replace proprietary till systems.

Wirecard and T-Systems provide digitization support to retailers and have been working together on this since April 2016.

Dirk Rumler, Vice President Retail at T-Systems, says: “High-street retailers must make huge changes, because this is the only way they will be able to keep pace with the fast growth of online retail. Genuine innovative spirit is required. This starts by combining the channels and extends to personalized shopping in-store without having to wait in line. New digital approaches in combination with strong partners will strengthen retailers in the face of the competition over the long term. We are delighted to introduce retailers to the digital supermarket concept together with Wirecard.”

Alexander Hahn, Vice President POS Retail Solutions at Wirecard, adds: “We are assuming that in five years’ time, the major proportion of retailers will be offering seamless checkouts and other services via apps. Successful retailers are already concentrating more on perfecting the in-store shopping experience than on actual retail transactions. With this, payment processes are increasingly fading into the background to make way for the fully-integrated digital solutions of the future. With their digital shopping concept, T-Systems and Wirecard are showing retailers how they can now adopt a proactive focus on the needs and wishes of their customers.”

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