InterDigital’s Alec Brusilovsky elected vice chair of the ETSI industry specification group on securing AI

WILMINGTON, Delaware – InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDCC), a mobile and video technology research and development company, announced the election of R&I Principal Engineer Alec Brusilovsky to Vice Chair the ETSI Industry Specification Group on Securing Artificial Intelligence (ETSI ISG SAI).

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is comprised of a variety of committees and industry specification groups that contribute to the study and understanding of critical technologies or features before they are considered for standardisation. The ETSI ISG SAI explores three key areas, including the use of AI to enhance conventional security, how to mitigate against AI-generated attacks, and ways to secure AI from attack. Amidst the growing interest and commercial utilisation of AI/ML tools, the ETSI ISG SAI works to create standards to preserve and improve the security of AI.

“The AI landscape is rapidly evolving, and we have great faith in Alec’s leadership as Vice Chair of the ETSI ISG on Securing AI as he contributes his expertise to shaping nuanced and necessary standards to uphold the security of AI,” said Rajesh Pankaj, CTO, InterDigital. “AI holds revolutionary potential for our technologies and the ways we interact, and through Alec’s leadership and our continued research, we are committed to stay at the forefront of this dialogue and efforts to shape the standards that help define our future security.”

Alec has been contributing to the ETSI ISG SAI since 2020, and while serving as Rapporteur for the group, he led three study items dealing with different facets of AI security, including the role of hardware in AI security, privacy considerations of AI/ML systems, and security considerations of using AI/ML techniques in the telecoms sector.

Alec will begin his two-year term immediately, serving alongside vice-chairs from Huawei and SBS, with Cadzow Communications chairing the industry specification group. You can learn more about the ETSI ISG SAI here.

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