ING and KPN are committed to making consumers digitally resilient

Dutch organizations can join the Digital Resilience knowledge platform

Buying clothes, arranging your banking affairs or submitting an application to the municipality, you can now easily arrange it all online. The Internet makes our daily lives more enjoyable. At the same time, the Online Safety Monitor shows that only one in three Dutch people really feel safe online and only a quarter indicate that they have sufficient (technical) knowledge to guarantee their online safety. To increase the online resilience of consumers, KPN and ING are therefore launching the Digital Resilience knowledge platform in close collaboration with the police and government.

Technology such as artificial intelligence provides new possibilities that help us move forward as a society. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish real from fake . Simply relying on what we know is easily damaged, making the elderly and young people in particular vulnerable to digital abuse. Just think of fake websites or voices and photos generated by Artificial Intelligence that cannot be distinguished from the real thing. Increasing our knowledge about this and sharing experiences and examples are an important key to becoming digitally resilient.

Both ING and KPN see the importance of a digitally resilient society and have therefore started the knowledge platform initiative. KPN is committed to a #BetterInternet and recently launched the Stukje van Mij campaign with singer Meau to draw attention to the problem of Online Shaming. Think before you forward. ING recently launched the new 'Check the Conversation' functionality in the ING app, which allows customers to check directly in the app whether a caller who contacts on behalf of ING is a real ING employee and not a scammer who is out to get by. on their money.

Online safety belongs to everyone
Companies and governments are making efforts to monitor our online security with technology. But online security is a social challenge to which everyone must make their own contribution: companies, governments and also consumers themselves. At the same time, it appears that a large proportion of consumers have insufficient knowledge of online security. For example, because they do not know how to recognize a dangerous link or attachment in a fake email, or do not know how to create strong passwords with a password manager, or how to better secure their WiFi. It is therefore important that companies and governments also increase the knowledge of end users of their services, so that everyone is able to use the internet safely.

ING and KPN are taking the first steps and welcome other organizations to join
Together, ING and KPN are undertaking two initiatives to show that online security is a shared responsibility. They welcome other partners to join this effort and thus contribute to increasing the digital resilience of consumers. The following two initiatives will be further developed in the coming period:

Launch of Digital Resilience knowledge platform
The newly built knowledge platform will contain online lessons that will allow both young and old people to become acquainted with the fun and less fun sides of the internet. Consider: How do I recognize fake emails with dangerous attachments? How do I keep my data safe? What is a secure password? The training courses can be followed online and, if desired, also in the area. Both ING and KPN employees volunteer to supervise the lessons. In addition, consumers on the platform are also reminded of lessons on how to recognize and prevent fraud, as part of the campaign “Fraud, that's how it works!” of the NVB.

The knowledge platform is being developed by the Lowercase foundation, known for the National AI Course, which has now reached half a million people. The platform is supported by, among others, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the police. In addition, the level of digital resilience will be reported on based on the insights from the platform.

Digital Resilience Day
In addition to the knowledge platform , an annual theme day 'Digital Resilience Day' will be launched on October 8 . On this day, activities will take place throughout the Netherlands to share knowledge and experiences with online danger. The knowledge gained through the online platform can be put into practice in the form of workshops and meetings in the neighborhood.

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