Colt uses ADVA technology to deliver low-latency end-to-end Ethernet security service

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Colt Technology Services is using the ADVA FSP 150 with ConnectGuard™ security technology to deliver its new Ethernet Line Encryption service. The solution provides end-to-end data protection for low-latency high-speed performance of up to 10Gbit/s. It enables enterprises dealing with highly sensitive information to simply and cost-effectively safeguard against increasing security threats and meets strict new regulatory requirements including the EU’s GDPR. Part of Colt’s Cybersecurity portfolio, Ethernet Line Encryption is now available in Europe, North America and Asia on metro, national and international Ethernet line circuits. Earlier this year, ADVA and Colt jointly displayed the comprehensive Layer 2 encryption service at the Berlinale Film Festival in a live proof of concept demo.


“We’re using the ADVA FSP 150 with ConnectGuard™ Ethernet encryption to offer robust protection for data in transport. Our Ethernet Line Encryption solution ensures that all data flowing through the Colt IQ Network is safe from attack. But what makes it especially valuable to today’s businesses is how straightforward it is to implement and that it only adds a few microseconds of latency and barely any impact on throughput,” said Peter Coppens, VP, product portfolio, Colt Technology Services. “High-quality data protection is now a key priority for enterprises across the world. With the increasing threat of man-in-the-middle attacks and the risk of severe fines for information breaches, it’s become essential to adopt a coherent and holistic security strategy across the entire technology infrastructure.”

Our FSP 150 ConnectGuard™ Ethernet technology enables encrypted connectivity with none of the complexity, latency and bandwidth cost associated with IPSec. Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA

Today, the average employee uses dozens of cloud-based services at work, many of which do not encrypt data. As it's simply impossible to validate the encryption of every service, enterprises must encapsulate data in motion in network protective encryption. Offered as a CPE solution on top of Ethernet line services of up to 10Gbit/s, Colt Ethernet Line Encryption gives enterprises an easy, future-proof way to ensure all traffic is secured with the lowest latency and highest throughput. Built on an enhanced version of MACsec, ADVA’s ConnectGuard™ Ethernet technology uses cryptographic techniques including dynamic key exchange and hardware tamper protection. It also features comprehensive service assurance and testing functionality.

“Our FSP 150 ConnectGuard™ Ethernet technology enables encrypted connectivity with none of the complexity, latency and bandwidth cost associated with IPSec. Developed in compliance with the most stringent security standards, such as the US FIPS, it’s the ideal basis for an encryption-as-a-service offering,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA. “Colt Ethernet Line Encryption is the perfect tool for healthcare and insurance providers, financial institutions and government sectors, to name a few. It offers major advantages to businesses across all industries looking to meet urgent security challenges. As well as all the benefits of our ConnectGuard™ Ethernet solution, it features keys that are managed by Colt as well as 24/7 support from their service assurance team. It’s the best choice for any enterprise aiming to ensure the integrity of data in transport, compliance with existing and emerging regulation as well as the best possible Ethernet service performance.”

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