Signalling problems in Brussels for Telecoms Package Express: slight delay expected

The slight delay is the result of the Greek presidency (it is Greece’s turn under the system of rotation) deciding to concentrate on the less complicated and convoluted bits of legislation in the in-tray. That way it might complete some of them before the election draws the curtain.

According to information commissioner, Neelie Kroes, the decision is not a problem and the reforms are still on-track. She says she’s been personally assured that the package will be ready to be adopted later this year.

But there’s no doubt that the proposed changes have drawn heavy fire from all sides and especially from national regulators who will necessarily see their powers reduced as the commission gets more oversight to ensure the formation of a much more consolidated market in telecoms.

And there are other powerful voices. The competition commissioner is critical and the committee for industry, research and energy is thought likely to resist when it announces its adopted position on 27 February.

As things stand, opponents of the bill may be hoping the new timing might just make MEPs more susceptible to pressure from constituents to look carefully at the implications of the legislation in the run-up to the election.

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