Voxox acquires PokeTALK

Voxox is a calling and messaging player which claims it can connect anyone with anyone, anywhere – regardless of network or calling device.

It follows the usual Skype freemium model - all Voxox-to-Voxox communication is free, as is all inbound communication to Voxox accounts from non-Voxox contacts. It says other free and low-cost features include international calling, texting and faxing; real-time language translation; voicemail transcription; free phone number; video and media sharing; map and location sharing. Voxox also offers business phone systems and wholesale services to SMBs and enterprises.

It's going to absorb fellow-OTT PokeTALK, which has around 600,000 registered users who will be invited to transfer their existing service to the more comprehensive Voxox service in return for up to 100 minutes of free talk time.

PokeTALK has specialised in international calling through Web-based and mobile applications (iOS, Android). The PokeTALK service is also accessible on various tablets and laptops through a link preloaded by the OEMs. PokeTALK’s features cater well to consumers who have international calling needs as well as global travellers aiming to reduce their roaming costs.

All the PokeTALK IT and partnership agreements will revert to Voxox and PokeTALK will continue to be supported until the credit of active and paying users is depleted.

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