ZTE takes the lead to complete China Mobile’s CPE OTN open networking test

03 March 2020, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it is the first to complete the CPE OTN open networking test organized by China Mobile.

For the first time in the industry, ZTE and China Mobile achieved DCN(Data Communication Network) interworking between different vendors’ CPE OTN and metro OTN devices, as well as intelligent end-to-end service provisioning and intelligent end-to-end bandwidth adjustment in cross-vendor CPE OTNs and metro OTNs.

The test demonstrates the openness and automatic deployment capability of ZTE’s CPE OTN devices and the leadership of ZTE’s intelligent management & control system. It provides valuable experience in multi-vendor open networking, cross-vendor end-to-end service provisioning, and unified management & control on OTN networks.

In the CPE OTN disaggregating lab test started by China Mobile in August 2019, ZTE was the first to accomplish the goals. The test involved more than 50 items of 5 categories: forwarding disaggregating, management & control disaggregating, and basic/enhanced/extended management & control functions.

ZTE’s CPE OTN devices, metro OTN devices and intelligent management & control system ElasticNet UME participated in all the tests. ZTE integrated the management & control functions of metro OTN and CPE OTN, and became the first to put the management & control system into the test. ZTE’s ElasticNet UME was designated as the third-party CPE controller to implement interoperability test with other vendors’ CPE OTN devices. Moreover, ZTE’s management & control system took the lead in implementing network topology display and management, graphical display of CPE OTN and metro OTN network elements, topology links, and automatic topology update.

In January 2020, in the cross-vendor end-to-end management & control function test on the existing network of China Mobile, ZTE was the first to achieve the automatic end-to-end provisioning of EoO, ODU and EoS services, as well as lossless adjustment of end-to-end service bandwidth among CPE OTNs of different vendors.

Meanwhile, ZTE tested the transport capability of sub-1G small-granularity services on the existing network. By means of the flexible and elastic small-granularity service containers, ZTE flexibly match PKT/VC/ODU transport services, realizing unified transport and scheduling of 2Mbit/s~100Gbit/s services, thus effectively improving the resource utilization and reducing the transport cost per bit.

Besides, ZTE implemented and verified DCN channel interworking for the first time in the scenario where low-rate signals were aggregated into high-rate signals, namely, GCC overhead in low-order ODU were aggregated into high-order ODU overhead. It provides a technical solution for the deployment on the existing network and efficient O&M of CPE OTN in the future.

ZTE has profound technical experience and strong market position in optical networking field. It has deployed more than 400 100G/B100G networks across the world with the total fiber length exceeding 400,000km. According to the Omdia market share analysis for optical networks, ZTE ranked No. 2 in terms of the Metro WDM and OTN switching market shares in 3Q19. According to the latest assessment of GlobalData, ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 is rated “leader” in both the Metro Packet and Core Packet of Optical Transports, and its ZXMP M721 is rated “very strong” in the Packet-Optical Access.

In the future, ZTE will continue investing in R&D to build high-quality OTN networks and accelerate OTN technology innovation and applications. As a long-term strategic partner of China Mobile, ZTE will work closely with China Mobile to promote OTN disaggregating and next-generation technology evolution, to support multi-vendor networking in China Mobile’s OTN construction and fully assist China Mobile in technology innovation.

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