$193m savings with improvements in 5G radio signal processing

Southampton, UK 11th May 2021
AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with IP which increases spectral efficiency and reduces latency, today announced the findings of a report commissioned from Mobile Experts, which shows significant savings for mobile operators adopting advanced channel coding solutions.

Titled: The dollars are in the details, the Mobile Experts analysis calculates that improvements to spectral efficiency through enhanced channel coding can reduce the number of gNodeBs required in a typical US network by 2,550 - a saving of $193m on infrastructure costs.

Low Density Parity Coding (LDPC) is a linear error correction scheme which helps to clean things up as noise and interference gets in the way of reliable 5G data transmission. The algorithm and architecture used to implement an LDPC decoder can change its performance dramatically.

AccelerComm’s Advanced LDPC solution delivers a 3 dB improvement in uplink SINR by adopting a holistic approach to the design of the PUSCH decoder chain, including LDPC, channel estimation, and MIMO equalization functions. The analyst firm modelled nationwide U.S. deployments based on O-RAN technology using standard LDPC decoder implementations and AccelerComm’s Advanced LDPC IP to identify the impact on the spectral efficiency of 5G mmWave O-RAN networks.

“The major OEM vendors in the 5G market have invested a lot of resources into optimizing their LDPC decoder implementations, but emerging O-RAN vendors just don’t have the resources to optimize each step in the processing chain,” said Joe Madden of Mobile Experts. “Many are using general-purpose LDPC coders and decoders, with generic architectures and algorithms derived from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 3GPP networks and therefore are not optimized for 5G environments. As this research shows, replacing these with dedicated tailored solutions, such as those offered by AccelerComm, can deliver significant performance and cost enhancements.”

“While there are significant benefits to O-RAN technology, there are still areas where it lags behind the major vendors, in particular in the area of 5G NR uplink sensitivity,” said Rob Barnes, VP Sales and Marketing of AccelerComm. As this research clearly shows, deploying an AccelerComm Advanced LDPC solution helps operators to increase network performance and reduce costs.” 

More information on the research conducted by Mobile Experts on behalf of AccelerComm will be shared in the Light Reading webinar and all attendees will receive a copy of the Whitepaper: The Dollars are in the details. 

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