OPNFV Hunter delivers test tools, CI/CD framework to enable common NFVi for verifying VNFs

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2019LF Networking (LFN), which facilitates collaboration and operational excellence across open networking projects, today announced the availability of OPNFV “Hunter,” the platform’s eighth release. Hunter advances OPNFV’s system level integration, deployment, and testing to collaboratively build a common industry Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) that will reduce Communication Service Provider (CSP) and Virtual Network Function (VNF) vendor efforts to verify VNFs against different NFVI platforms.

Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) is a project and community that facilitates a common NFVI, continuous integration (CI) with upstream projects, stand-alone testing toolsets, and a compliance and verification program for industry-wide testing and integration to accelerate the transformation of enterprise and service provider networks.

“The latest OPNFV release sets the stage for a real turning point in the maturity of the platform,” said Heather Kirksey, vice president, Community & Ecosystem Development, the Linux Foundation. “With continued evolution in areas of testing, verification, and CI/CD, OPNFV is on its way to enable a common NFVI stack that will meet the needs of operators. We are working in collaboration with both global operators as well as the GSMA, and I am incredibly excited to see the community work to provide the resources needed to accelerate network transformation across the ecosystem.”

Cross-Community Collaboration, Integration, and Testing

Continued cross-community collaboration makes OPNFV the natural home for the development of a common NFVI specification/reference implementation to dramatically reduce CSP and VNF vendor efforts in verifying VNFs against different NFVI platforms. This significantly enhances the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) by extending the testing of VNFs against a common NFVI (independent of management and orchestration (MANO)) layer – offering a brand new path to commercialization.

OPNFV now also offers a test framework, Xtesting, that assembles dispersed test cases to accelerate CI/CD adoption and can be used to test non-OPNFV components as well. The effort eases building of a CI/CD toolchain for NFV stack components in addition to NFVI/VIM from initial tests to full end-to-end service testing.

Additional enhancements were made to test and CI tools, which see across-the-board improvements in test coverage and scope through core OPNFV testing projects like Functest, Yardstick, Bottlenecks, VSPerf, and NFVBench. OPNFV also continues to collaborate closely with upstream communities with notable developments around C-RAN, hardware acceleration, edge computing, and cloud native NFV.

During the Hunter cycle, OVP experienced continued growth and scope expansion to include VNF verification for ONAP , as well as introduction of the new Verified Labs program for third-party testing. Lenovo has just completed verification of their first project bringing the total number of companies in the program to eight and the number of products to 11. A list of verified products can be seen on the OVP NFVI portal here: .

Overall, OPNFV Hunter’s testing and integration capabilities, compliance and verification program, CI/CD capabilities, cloud native network functions, best practice guidelines, and the seasoned OPNFV community working to deliver a common NFVI for the industry help to accelerate open network transformation across the ecosystem.

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