What is an Ultra-Broadband World?

Obviously broadband was the word on everyone’s lips (and booths) – but this year it wasn’t just wireline broadband, but the many other flavors including wireless and maybe the most mentioned reason for broadband ‘the cloud.’

If you go to these big shows, many times they all feel the same – a few frantic days – backed by tons of hard work behind the scenes by dedicated people who make it all seem – easy. In a way maybe this best captures the spirit of the Ultra-Broadband story. Because in life – as in networks – we expect the perfection – and don’t want to think of the messiness that goes behind the scenes or the work it took to get there. Ultra-Broadband is moving beyond just access. It is focused on how you experience — or better — don’t experience the network.

Marcus Weldon, CTO, Alcatel-Lucent, explained it nicely by saying that “while we have somewhat solved the problem of connecting ourselves with our smart phones (communications devices) we have not really begun to solve the problem of connecting our tablets (cloud content devices).” This is realistically the next move we must make.

BBWF kicked off the show with a energetic keynote by Alcatel-Lucent CTO, Marcus Weldon who gave talk called Ultra-Broadband as the Ubiquitous On-Ramp to the new Virtualized Network Reality or the simple alternate (the future and how to get there)

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