Samsung shows the Galaxy Round: it's not ground-breaking just less screen-breaking

Oct 9, 2013

It comes up with the Galaxy Round that's what: a product name that shouts wacky, shape-changing, game-changing fun, but then disappoints by being only slightly concave.

Like many I had visions of something ground-breaking with this one - perhaps the thing would uncoil on use like one of those party whistles (that's obviously silly and was just a fleeting thought). Maybe it would droop disconsolately over the desk-edge like a Dali watch?

No, it doesn't do that either, it just hunches it's shoulders slightly.

And this hunching attitude - does it have a benefit? Perhaps it stops reflections when the sun is glaring? No. Does it prevent anyone else reading what's on your screen if they are looking in at an angle? Not particularly.

It just feels nicer to hold says Samsung.

In fact, Samsung has put its flexible screen technology to work to produce what it claims is the first curved screen smartphone. It's really a slightly bent Galaxy Note and its 5.7 inch screen is Samsung's first step toward producing devices with flexible, and therefore less brittle, screens.

Absent the flexible screen and you either have to build expensive rigidity into the case which costs, or you have the old iPhone problem of endless screen shattering. And of course the larger the screen gets, the worse the problem.

So there you have it. The Samsung Round. It's not round although perhaps it does (like your Mum) bounce on the ground. It's the Samsung Slightly Concaved and it is initially available only in South Korea.

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