One from the 'you'd think someone would already have thought of that' department

Danish startup, Tweakker (, says it's cracked a problem most operators were probably only dimly aware they had.

Smartphone shipping and distribution is subject to wrong network setting syndrome. Today smartphones are carefully pre-set and packaged up ready to spring into action upon 'un-boxing'. Yes, we've all done and enjoyed it - a good un-boxing (fresh plastic smells, immaculate presentation) is an established part of the smartphone ownership experience.

Which is why it's a double disappointment to discover (sometimes - presumably the proportions vary wildly) that the thing has been set up all wrong and won't work properly. Back into the box and back to the outlet with it.

As well as generating a bad customer experience this all costs money for the operator - and in today's squeezed margin smartphone market squeezing down on configuration faults, such as a wrong Access Point Name 'APN' is probably a worthwhile exercise.

Which is why Tweakker's 'patented' client software might have some legs. It says it's developed connectivity technology that instantly configures APN settings on the smartphone from power-up, no matter where the phone is located.

Tweakker says its software client means manufacturers needn't worry about configuring settings for different operators, it can all be done automatically, saving millions.

Tweakker is also keen to have its client become a standard connector of the nascent Internet of Things. It says the technology took three years to develop and has already been tested by 1 million Android users, and more than 4 million connections have now been made via the app.

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