Nokia's new baby. No flashy name, meet 625

Bloggers, journalists and Nokia fans logged onto Nokia's official blog spot this morning to experience the trailed Nokia announcement and the thing they were almost certain was going to happen, happened: the arrival of a new member of the Lumia family, the Lumia 625.

Indeed it is something big. A 4.7 inch screen and LTE, it has some of the camera and photo manipulation capabilities of its immediate Lumia predecessor, the 41 Megapixel 1020 announced a week or so ago.

For this model, Nokia is pricing relatively low and aiming it at the emerging 'affordable' smartphone market, especially the pre-paid segment in places Africa and South America. The price point is €220 unsubsidised before tax, says Nokia.

It all goes to show that large smartphone screens are no longer premium model exclusives, according to Daniel Gleeson, mobile analyst at IHS Electronics & Media.

"In Q1 2012, 4.8% of all smartphone models released featured screens larger than 4.6 inches. In Q1 2013 this proportion was 32.7 per cent. Large screens have been an indicator of a premium product, but that is clearly ending with such affordable, large screen smartphones on the market," says Gleeson in a note in response to the Nokia launch.

He thinks screen quality instead of screen size will now be the new black, pointing out that to get to its price-point Nokia has sacrificed pixel density on the large screen. Some vendors will from now on be stressing pixel density instead of basic screen size.

Gleeson points out that the phone supports all three key European 4G bands and that getting close to the €200 price point will prove important for driving 4G adoption in prepay heavy markets such as Italy.

But why not give the thing a name. I've never understood this. Names work. Who wants to own something called the 625. Try and give it a personality Nokia... call it Brian or Nigel or something. Give it a chance in the world.

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