Exploring Open Video Networks at The Cable Show 2013

At The Cable Show in Washington D.C. this week, June 10-12, Cisco is showcasing advancements in its Videoscape Unity IP video platform. Visitors will see how Cisco is engineering openness and modularity into Videoscape Unity by extending Cisco Open Networking Environment (ONE) to video, how Videoscape Unity is embracing open software, and how Cisco is integrating third-party vendors with Videoscape Unity to deliver transformational and ‘monetizable' video experiences for cable operators.

Cisco will also demonstrate how it is delivering scalable, deployable cloud DVR solutions. To see all this and much more, stop by Cisco booth 1819 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

"Cisco empowers global service providers to offer the next-generation Internet (NGI) that Cisco defines as networks and services interconnecting to create profitable experiences. Experiences that are more visual, more mobile, more virtual and more simple. At this year's Cable Show we are excited to showcase our Videoscape Unity for cable solutions," said Jesper Andersen, senior vice president, general manager, Cisco Service Provider Video Technology Group.

He added, "Videoscape Unity represents Cisco's video-specific solutions for service providers that bring the NGI to life, and also address critical service provider priorities to optimize, accelerate and monetize capabilities of the network. Videoscape Unity is the only platform of its kind offering innovative cloud-powered services combined with branded user interfaces."

About Videoscape Unity

Videoscape Unity focuses on a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, consistent interface that brings together video, social networking and other information, using multiple screens for personalized, synchronized, and more social experiences, at the speed of now.

Videoscape Unity Demonstrations

Videoscape Unity solution demonstrations for The Cable Show address the following technology areas: Videoscape Unity Open Application Program Interface (API) Framework: Cisco's Open API Framework offers open and modular APIs across cloud, network and client assets, empowering service providers to better plan, control and manage their network infrastructure. Key components include:

Cloud APIs that enable access to information related to content, metadata and user profiles needed for developing necessary interactive applications and integrating third-party components. Cloud APIs also support OpenStack, an open source initiative for managing cloud resources.

Cisco Next-Generation Internet (NGI) architecture uses Cisco Open Network Environment (Cisco ONE) and is an open, programmable framework that helps harness untapped network value and ensure operational consistency and simplicity.Reference Design Kit (RDK): Cisco will be showcasing its work with RDK in a variety of forms at the booth, with new applications and in-home devices. The RDK initiative fully aligns with Videoscape Unity's support of open software. Since its inception we have embraced the key RDK principles of using components from the open source community to accelerate the deployment of advanced video services on client devices, and enabling multiple hardware manufacturers.Cloud TV: The Cisco Videoscape Multiscreen Cloud DVR enables service providers to accelerate DVR penetration throughout their footprint. Enhanced by Cisco Media Origination cloud solution, service providers can deploy high-performance cloud DVR services with massive recording concurrency and multiscreen delivery, operational agility to implement virtualized data plane components, and elastically scale underlying resources for storage, networking and computing efficiency.Software & User Interfaces: Videoscape Unity features the award-winning Videoscape Snowflake user interface, which allows for the creation of customized and immersive user experiences, unified across multiple screens. It powers experiences that are synchronized, personalized, and more social, with faster time to market.Videoscape Unity Video Over IP: Cisco will highlight its high-capacity DOCSIS 3.0 modems and gateways, with CMTS advances in downstream and WAN capacities,Videoscape Unity Connected Video Gateway: The Videoscape Unity Unified Gateway offer extends the cloud into the home, providing subscribers with access to multiple services on multiple devices, in the home and on the go- delivering any content, anytime, anywhere, on any screen. Also highlighted will be integration with Cisco Prime Home Analytics, which enables service providers to use subscriber and device information to offer end-to-end automation and management of the home network.

Additional Booth DemonstrationsCCAP for DOCSIS High-Speed Data and Video Convergence:

Cisco has added several new modules for its Universal Broadband Router, uBR10012, and new line cards for its RF Gateway-10 (RFGW-10) universal edge quadrature amplitude modulator (U-EQAM), to provide cable service providers with the means to significantly increase bandwidth capacity. Together the uBR10012 and RFGW-10 represent Cisco's modular CCAP solution that helps service providers minimize valuable rack space and total power usage, dramatically increase available bandwidth per subscriber, and begin DOCSIS and video convergence to migrate towards an all-IP service architecture.Cisco Service Provider Wi-Fi and Small Cells solutions: Cisco Wi-Fi and Small Cells monetization solutions provide operators with a platform to monetize indoor services that create unprecedented customer engagement across retail, sports, hospitality, entertainment and more.Cisco Connected Life: The Connected Life promises to deliver a whole new range of dynamic lifestyle experiences that add value to consumers' everyday lives. The combination of Cisco hardware and software provide a sound foundation to launch Connected Life services. Our offering includes:

A software framework with consumer premises equipment (CPE) and cloud components

Superior management tools that can handle complex environments

A range of hardware options that allow for full or partial integration based on service level needsAdvanced Advertising: Through partnership with BlackArrow, Videoscape Unity provides advanced advertising capabilities that address back office requirements and provide the analytics needed for monetizing next-generation services to multiple screens.

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