Egg Minder gadget launched (too many puns to choose from)

Don't believe me? Remember the first camera phone? "What a naff idea," came the chorus. "Who would want a camera in a phone - never catch on."

Enough said?

So now that I've paved the way, I've been reviewing a few of those unlikely (keep watching the video space on TelecomTV) ideas develop recently and several were not too far removed from the Egg Minder.

The Egg Minder is a gadget collaboration between GE (yes, THAT GE, the big one) and an outfit called Quirky, a crowd-funder for gadgetry.

It's mad but it, or something like it, might just take off and start gearing the world up to accept the Internet of Things concept and take delight in it.

The Egg Minder has all the attributes: a great helping of essential silliness with a tiny grain of utility just underneath. The idea is that it counts how many eggs you have in the fridge and when your mind naturally turns to your egg situation when you're passing a shop likely to purvey said comestibles, you can use your phone to check in with the Egg Minder to find out how many eggs you're down.

Crucially, it will be simple and cheap. Just an egg box with a sensor in each egg depression and a wireless capability. Bingo!

It will cost just US$14 and at that price will make an idea gift for the nerd who has everything. And why not? First the Egg Minder, then the intelligent fridge once the idea has caught hold.

I'll buy one if it gets down to $5.00.

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