Barcelona Bound - in more ways than one

Feb 22, 2013

Yes, it is time for Mobile World Congress 2013, this time taking place in new venue in Barcelona and by this time next week we'll all know if the hype about how wonderous and convenient it is has any bearing to the daily reality of getting there and back.

As for the TelecomTV team, some are heading south this afternoon and others tomorrow. We'll all be there by Sunday and will, once again, be providing daily filmed coverage of the greatest mobile comms event on the planet.

The deep focus on video means that our normal written news analysis coverage will necessarily be lighter than usual over the course of next week. We shall, of course, do our best to post some print news but there won't be as much as usual - for which we ask your indulgence and patience.

Normal service will be resumed with effect from Monday, March 4.

I don't know about you but I am hoping against hope that the standard, range and quality of catering and the "food" on offer at the new venue will be light years ahead of the ludicrously expensive fodder so loving shoveled onto plastic plates and slung in front of the inmates by the surly Fira staff of years past. I stll have nightmares about the Spanish omelette in a bun. Mine tried to eat me and I had to stamp it to death. MInd you I did get a prize for "Best Extempore Flamenco Dancing in the Wrong Province" as a result. It was a night out on the Rambla. I'm still looking for my trousers... and my wallet... and my shirt...

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