What’s up with... unlimited mobile data deals, VMware Carbon Black, Google Cloud?

Source: Rewheel

Source: Rewheel

  • Unlimited mobile data deals get cheaper
  • Google Cloud gets closer to VMware
  • Private operators will  drive small cell market

Today's swanky collection of burnished news snippets 

  • Unlimited mobile data deals get cheaper. Finland-based researchers, Rewheel, have compiled the smartphone tariffs with the minimum monthly costs for unlimited data in each country. Greece and the US are highest and a large cohort of mostly Central & Eastern European smartphone users can get unlimited data for around the €20 per month. Rewheel has more data on mobile usage trends too, so just explore here
  • Google Cloud says it’s taken the next step in its partnership with VMware by announcing the Google Cloud VMware Engine. It provides businesses with a full VMware Cloud Foundation stack on Google Cloud to help them easily migrate their environments there. 
  • Private operators deploying enterprise networks will  drive the small cell market to 26 million units by 2026, according to Rethink Research. It says 68% of all small cells deployed up to  2026 will be for enterprise and industrial use cases.
  • President Trump has extended the order he signed last year banning American companies from doing business with foreign companies that threatened US national security. This time the order explicitly names Huawei and ZTE and will be in force for another year. 
  • VMware Carbon Black, VMware’s security arm, says its aiming to acquire Octarine another security specialist which sports a security platform for Kubernetes applications. VMware says  Octarine will help it simplify ‘DevSecOps’ - which it defines as “thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start”.  
  • Proof at long last that Looney Tunes cartoons are based on reality. Last week an assistant prof at the University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources went out into the desert on his Acme rocket-sledge to do some socially distanced research. He filmed a coyote chasing a roadrunner. The coyote lost. You can see a vid of the incident taken by Assistant Prof Michael Thomas Bogan via his Twitter a/c @mtbogan.

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