Rakuten Mobile to launch new mobile operator service

Via Rakuten Media Room

Sep 6, 2019

Tokyo, September 6, 2019 – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. today announced the launch of its new mobile operator service with the opening of applications on October 1 for a “Free Supporter Program” that will offer voice and data services free of charge. The initial wave of the Free Supporter Program will be open to 5,000 subscribers and will be expanded in waves to welcome tens of thousands of users to the new network.

1. About the Free Supporter Program
Rakuten Mobile will launch the world’s first end-to-end fully virtualized, cloud-native network. In order to ensure the stability and quality of its service for customers and continue to improve the network based on customer feedback and requests, the company will initially open applications to 5,000 subscribers free of charge through the Free Supporter Program.

Applications will open on the Rakuten Mobile website on October 1, and the program is planned to be available until March 31, 2020. The Free Supporter Program will conclude by the time of launch of regular subscriptions and, in the case of that launch commencing before March 31, 2020, Free Supporter Program subscribers will be offered the opportunity to continue to provide customer feedback in exchange for compensation equivalent to mobile service communication charges until the end of March.

2. About the upcoming schedule
Plans are also in place to open applications for regular user plans online and instore.

3. About the service logo
To represent Rakuten Mobile’s innovative spirit, as it aims to redefine expectations in the mobile communications industry and respond to diverse customer needs, magenta has been chosen for the service brand color. The following logo is Rakuten Mobile’s new service logo.

4. New device lineup
From October 2019, Rakuten Mobile will offer 7 smartphone models and 2 wi-fi router models. The lineup includes 2 Galaxy brand models, which will be made available from Rakuten Mobile for the first time. The new devices can be used with either the Free Supporter Program or the MVNO service.

These devices, in addition to all new devices to be sold by Rakuten Mobile from now on, will all be SIM lock free devices. For more details on the new device lineup, please see the Free Supporter Program page.

*Free Supporter Program subscribers will receive any purchased devices after conclusion of the contract registration process, including steps for identity verification. Details on device launch dates will be shared separately.

5. About the network service area
Rakuten Mobile’s mobile carrier service will be available nationwide from October 2019. The company’s own network service area will cover the 23 wards of Tokyo, Nagoya City, Osaka City and parts of Hyogo prefecture. Rakuten Mobile will offer nationwide LTE services to customers from the time of launch through services based on the roaming agreement with KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company, to be provided outside of Tokyo’s 23 wards, Nagoya City and Osaka City and excluding high traffic areas. Information on network availability will be provided on the Rakuten Mobile website from September 24, 2019.

Rakuten Mobile is working to continue to expand the service area of its own network. While KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company will provide roaming services until the end of March 2026, Rakuten will continue to steadily build out its own mobile network and switch the service to its own network by area as the network is completed.

With the launch of its MNO service, Rakuten Mobile will take its first step as Japan’s fourth mobile carrier. Rakuten Mobile aims to not only provide its subscribers with secure, safe and easy-to-use services and a greater level of convenience, but by leveraging the Rakuten Ecosystem and the Rakuten Super Points loyalty program to offer flexible service plans and a comprehensive mobile communications service based on the deployment of the latest and most advanced technologies, Rakuten Mobile will strive to bring a new level of convenience and enjoyment to the lives of its subscribers. Rakuten Mobile aims to create a revolution in social infrastructure that will redefine industry expectations and lay the groundwork for the 5G era ahead.


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