Denuvo extends protection to games developed for mobile devices

The proliferation of tablets and smartphones in recent years has facilitated the rapid rise of mobile gaming, which now makes up a substantial proportion of the entire global gaming market. However, the increase in mobile usage has also attracted criminals to develop a variety of ways to bypass, cheat, modify or pirate mobile games, potentially exposing security flaws, putting data at risk and ruining the gaming experience for legitimate players. To address these challenges, Denuvo by Irdeto has launched its Mobile Game Protection solution to protect mobile games from being tampered with.

Mobile Game Protection from Denuvo ensures that legitimate players get the best possible experience and revenue streams are not eliminated. It addresses types of cheating on mobile games and prevents hackers from debugging, reverse engineering and changing the game. The solution is offered with 24/7 availability and needs no source code, meaning it can be applied to any game with zero operational effort by the customer. For increased security and performance, Denuvo also offers customers the opportunity to profile games before the protection is applied to tailor the protection to the individual game.

“The video game industry has its own mobile ecosystem that includes game and app stores, game engines and analytics platforms. While this has facilitated a hugely profitable new area of gaming, it has also opened new avenues and access points for hackers and cheaters,” said Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director of Denuvo, Irdeto. “A fundamental aspect of reducing security risks to your mobile game is to plan from day one how hackers could take advantage of your game’s design and architecture. Without proper security in place, publishers could be exposing themselves to revenue loss and reputational damage.”

Denuvo Mobile Game Protection includes key security features such as; Configurable protection levels, smart detection of protection points, root detection, anti-hooking, virtualization and integrity verification. The solution can be added to the final APK which means fewer tools for build engineers to manage and fewer tools for developers to install. It also has minimal impact on user’s gameplay experience whilst still guaranteeing no false positives and maximum detection.

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