Everynet fast-tracks the roll-out of Spain’s national IoT network

Everynet has entered in to an agreement to build out national LoRaWAN infrastructure across Spain. Functioning as a neutral host, this shared infrastructure will enable multiple network operators to rapidly offer their LPWA services to the IoT market place at cost points unachievable by other technologies.

The IoT represents the most disruptive megatrend in the connectivity industry, with a limitless range of business cases where even a few bits of data can represent significant value. To date, cellular technologies have focused on the highest ARPU applications, covering only a minority share of the market. In order to enable ubiquitous connectivity of everything around us, simple low cost wide-area networking is needed and will depend on a new approach to both technology and business models.

In this new era of connectivity, one universally accepted requirement is for open and flexible technology, and LoRaWAN is widely recognised as the leading open standard for LPWA networking. It provides both the long- range propagation characteristics to build country scale networks, while balancing ultra-low power consumption, and the capacity to support billions of connections. The LoRaWAN specification, by operating in shared spectrum, also affords flexibility in deployment options and business models.

The Everynet neutral-host infrastructure provides a fast track for any network operator looking to provide a LPWA network service, whether it be at a campus, city, state or national scale. Service providers and enterprises are able to leverage an existing fleet of professionally deployed gateways and lease wholesale access to a dense geographical coverage footprint, all managed through a dedicated NOC with high quality SLAs. Everynet’s wholesale business model represents the lowest cost commercial way to achieve a large-scale LPWA network.


Everynet has proven the wholesale business model to be the most expedient and commercially successful route to rolling out a professional LPWA network service for IoT, and Everynet further shortens the time-to-revenue by offering a ready ecosystem of end-to-end solutions, technical accelerator packages and training materials.

Everynet is now accepting applications from service providers wishing to leverage the shared infrastructure. For details of the pilot network, and the roll-out schedule for the national coverage, please contact [email protected]

About Everynet
Everynet has pioneered the concept of #BitsBillionsandCents: IoT digital transformation by connecting the most constrained devices at massive scale and for ultra-low cost. Everynet is leading the market with LoRaWANTM innovation in both its commercial model and platform architecture to power shared infrastructure deployments, enabling a neutral host to build out high-quality infrastructure and leasing wholesale coverage to service providers. A model proven by Everynet’s flagship network: the highest utilized national LoRaWAN network in the world.

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