Rimini Street permanently enjoined from illegally accessing Oracle’s software and must pay Oracle more than $100 Million

Court Finds Rimini Street Conducted Significant Litigation Misconduct

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Sep 22, 2016

The United States District Court for the District of Nevada granted Oracle’s motion for a permanent injunction against continued copyright infringement by Rimini Street and continued computer access violations by Rimini and its President and CEO, Seth Ravin, in Oracle’s long-running litigation against Rimini and Ravin. The Court also awarded Oracle $46 million in attorneys’ fees and costs against Rimini and Ravin personally on top of the $50M in damages awarded by the jury last year, including a $14 million award against Ravin personally. Additionally, the Court granted Oracle’s motion for an award of prejudgment interest, which we anticipate will exceed $24 million.

“The Court’s order sends a powerful message to protect innovators,” said Oracle’s General Counsel Dorian Daley. “This order helps to protect Oracle’s investment in its software to benefit its customers and confirms that Rimini’s infringement was unrepentant. Rimini and Ravin continue to falsely assert that their conduct is permissible. Their customers and prospective customers are on notice of their grave misconduct and the consequences of that misconduct.”

The Court awarded the permanent injunction because “Rimini’s business model was built entirely on its infringement of Oracle’s copyrighted software.” The Court emphasized that “the evidence in action established Rimini’s callous disregard for Oracle’s copyrights and computer systems when it engaged in the infringing conduct.” In awarding Oracle its attorneys’ fees, the Court noted that “Oracle successfully prevailed on its claim for copyright infringement as the jury found that Rimini infringed every one of the 93 separate copyright registrations at issue.” Further, the “$50 million verdict against defendants” was “five times the damages number presented at trial by defendants’ damages expert,” demonstrating Oracle’s “substantial success” against Rimini.

Significantly, the Court found that Rimini’s previous denial of copyright infringement was based on “a conscious disregard for the manner that Rimini used … Oracle’s copyrighted software,” and that Rimini’s “significant litigation misconduct,” including the intentional “destruction of evidence,” warranted the award of fees.

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