Providing more premium, better-quality ICT: Services Telkom designates Sukabumi the first city with 100 percent fiber optic

Via Telkom Indonesia Media

Aug 5, 2017

Jakarta, 4 August 2017 – PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is always committed to improve the quality of its service to the people, and this time by launching the Telkom Modern City program in Sukabumi, West Java on Friday (4/8). Telkom modernized the city’s copper cable network into 100 percent fiber optic and it made Sukabumi as the first Telkom Modern City in Indonesia. The event was held in T-Cloud Sukabumi, in conjuction with the deactivation process of Sukabumi Automated Telephone Center or Sentral Telepon Otomat (STO) along with 59 other STOs across the country, which marked the switch from network system to fiber optic.

Sukabumi Mayor Mohamad Muraz and Telkom Network & IT Solution Director Zulhelfi Abidin launched Sukabumi as the first Telkom Modern City. Zulhelfi Abidin said it took three years to transform Sukabumi as Telkom’s modern city.

“Telkom expressed gratitute for the cooperation and support that the Sukabumi city administration have extended to us to make this first modern city in Indonesia into reality,” Zulhelfi said.

According to him, Telkom and Sukabumi city administration are both committed to maintain the city’s aesthetics by revamping the network and providing better and more modern digital communication services.

Zulhelfi Abidin also said that the goal of Telkom Modern City program is to improve quality of services for customers and the people in general.

“The program is aimed to provide customers with better services because the quality fiber optic-based services could introduce a much better performance towards an integrated information and communication technology or the Internet of Things (home security, office security and other applications that support the works of a smart city),” said Zulhelfi Abidin.

The presence of Sukabumi’s top officials during the Telkom Modern City launch was in line with Telkom’s commitment to support the smart city program. The Ministry of Communications and Informatics is currently assisting the city to implement the smart city concept.

Sukabumi ranks 8th in terms of infrastructure readiness out of 25 smart city pilot projects. Telkom, represented by Telkom Sukabumi regional office, takes part to develop the smart city concept for Sukabumi, by providing internet network support Sukabumi’s local working units or (SKPD), making them all now have their own applications.

Telkom also supports at least 15 community health centers (puskemas) in Sukabumi with E-Puskesmas application and the internet network. This support is aimed to improve health services in the city. Locals can also benefit from the city’s transportation department CCTV online monitoring service, to which Telkom provides the network and the server.

Telkom’s also provides wifi corners for the people so that they can easily access the internet for positive activities. Users can find access points of these wifi corners such as the one in the Sukabumi Grand Mosque courtyard. Telkom also cooperates with the city administration to establish a Digital City Hall in an effort to provide internet access points for the public.

The establishment of a modern city also enables people to have a digital lifestyle directly from their own homes. The IOT or Internet of Things fever has prompted Telkom to provide quality service for the people so that they can utilise it for maximum productivity and creativity even from home.

The small and medium enterprises sector or other industries in Sukabumi can also benefit from this digital service to boost productivity. “The fiber-optic technology is able to provide greater bandwidth and minimize the risk of interference. This is evident from the decline in customer complaints in Sukabumi up to 94 percent per day,” Zulhelfi said.

The local government’s improved service along with business sector productivity and the easy access for learning enabled by the internet would be the key that would determine the quality of the people in Sukabumi to compete in the outside world.

Moreover, many parties can take part in boosting the city’s economic growth by benefiting from this sound infrastructure. It would now be even more realisitic to implement the modern city concept with better service quality. Eventually, the Sukabumi city administration could provide better services to its people.

Telkom Network & IT Solution Director Zulhelfi Abidin (left), Sukabumi Mayor Mohamad Muraz (center), and EVP Telkom Regional III I Ketut Budi Utama (right) jointly pressed the button to launch Sukabumi as the first Telkom Modern City in Indonesia at the T-Cloud Sukabumi on 4 August.

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