New software solution for connected manufacturing: Evaluating production data from multiple machines the intelligent way

  • Rules-based analysis of production data
  • Transparent production processes and early detection of deviations
  • Incorporation of data from existing systems, such as MES

10/19/2015 -

Bosch Software Innovations is introducing the Production Rules Configurator. This new solution for connected manufacturing is an intelligent software tool that makes production processes across multiple machines more transparent. It ensures a seamless manufacturing process, in which data from existing databases and systems, such as an MES, is evaluated in a rules-based approach. With this tool, manufacturing experts can detect deviations in the production process early on, so they can dynamically recalibrate and service the machines as soon as the production data indicates that such steps are necessary.

The Production Rules Configurator is based on process and machine data collected from the manufacturing execution system (MES), databases, and other existing systems using a built-in connector. Monitoring this data for deviations and instances of exceeded limits reduces waste, since the employee responsible is notified in good time via the Production Rules Configurator’s rules system. Companies can also schedule maintenance intervals as needed: by keeping track of each machine’s status, they can detect when maintenance is necessary before machine failure occurs and results in unnecessary downtime. At the same time, they can avoid incurring superfluous costs due to premature maintenance actions. The new software solution is easy to integrate into the existing IT infrastructure and can be implemented simply and in a way customized to the company. Graphical modeling provides an intuitive means for production experts to configure rules. These are defined for each machine and production line on an individual basis and then modified, duplicated, and tested as needed by the user.

Higher quality plus transparent processes

The Production Rules Configurator is already being used successfully at a Bosch plant that makes diesel injectors. Here in Homburg, Germany, the new software solution monitors the process data from the production of throttle plates, which control the in- and outflow of the fuel injected into engines. “The process for manufacturing these throttle plates spans several stations,” explains Michael Eisenbart, Industry 4.0 project manager in car-injector production at the Robert Bosch GmbH plant. “Thanks to the Production Rules Configurator, we can navigate better from station to station. It makes the whole process more transparent. At the same time, it’s very easy for us to adapt and modify the rules to keep up with changes. Our plant already achieves a very high level of quality, but of course we always strive to do even better. The Production Rules Configurator has helped us reach this next level.”

Proven competence

Technologically speaking, the Production Rules Configurator is based on the Visual Rules BRM component of the Bosch IoT Suite. Bosch Software Innovations transfers adapted forms of rules technology, which has proven itself over many years in various other industries, to industrial manufacturing processes. Along with the Process Quality Manager and the Remote Service Manager, this solution is yet another software application in the company’s Industry 4.0 portfolio. Customers are already making use of these tools to enter the world of connected manufacturing.

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