Huawei to attend the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015

Sharing its vision of Open ROADS to a Better Connected World and its innovative solutions

[Shanghai, China, July 14, 2015] Huawei will appear at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai) 2015 on July 15. As a platinum partner for the event, Huawei will continue to push the mobile industry forward, aiming to build a Better Connected World and enrich life through communication.

Following the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Huawei will continue to share its vision of Open ROADS to a Better Connected World at the MWC Shanghai 2015. The company will showcase its ICT solutions in three areas: Embracing Open Digital Ecosystem, Enabling ICT Transformation, and Evolving Ultra Mobile Broadband. Huawei aims to create an open industry ecosystem and help operators with their ICT transformation.

At the MWC Shanghai 2015, Huawei will share the following solutions at its booth:

SoftCOM, reshaping the future: As operators can no longer enjoy demographic dividends, the key for them to capitalize on more dividends in the digital era is to deliver an inspired, Internetized, ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social) experience by offering new services. Huawei's SoftCOM solution can help operators transform in the digital era. As a future networking strategy, this solution can help operators reshape the future in areas such as services, operations, networks, and architecture. It can place operators at a highly competitive position in the future digital society.

TDD+: Huawei along with industry partners, China Mobile and SoftBank, launched the all-new TDD+ solution. Aiming to meet the increasingly phenomenal growth in MBB traffic, TDD+ can provide a xGbps-level user experience, uncover more business opportunities for carriers and maximize their return on investment (ROI). As a core technology of 4.5G, TDD+ is able to coexist with 5G for many years to come.

4.5G: Huawei, China Unicom Shanghai and China Unicom Research Institute have collaborated to deploy Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) Pilot based on 4.5G LTE-Machine to Machine (LTE-M) in Shanghai prior to the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015. LTE-M will help China Unicom accelerate new industry layouts and embrace the IoT era in response to the national "Internet Plus” strategy. LTE-M is one of the key features of 4.5G and is the latest CIoT technology along the LTE evolutionary path. Compared with LTE, LTE-M can increase in-depth coverage gain to up to 100 folds and number of connections to over 1000 folds while the power consumption of the device is only 1/10. LTE-M requires only 200KHz spectral resources and reuses existing network resources, which enable carriers to carry out rapid and efficient construction of LTE-M networks. These breakthroughs lay the foundation for intelligent IoT popularization.

5G: 5G will enhance mobile internet and empower internet of things. It challenges 5G radio access technology. Huawei raised a whole set of 5G air interface technologies. A single unified air interface can meet many applications from different industries with high flexibility. At the same time, we have verified that, comparing with LTE, the new air interface can improve 3x spectrum efficiency with the same antenna number and spectrum bandwidth.

In the section of 5G keynote on 16th July, Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman & Rotating CEO of Huawei, shared his viewpoints in his speech “5G, Deep Innovation for the Future”. He said that we should accelerate technological innovation to deliver new experiences and applications, and increase cross-industry collaboration for deeper innovation in applications and business models. At the same time, governments should open up more spectrum resources to promote 5G development.

Data Centers: To better cash in on the data and traffic dividends, improve user experience, and enable agile business operations, operators must build a converged cloud infrastructure enabling platform. Based on this platform, operators can build a service-driven cloud data center and thus manage multiple data centers as one; they can also build a service-centric virtual data center (VDC) to use one data center as many. In this way, operators can build a multi-site ultra-large scale cloud with OpenStack cascading to better respond to the future changing digital era.

SDN/NFV: Operators now face two structural challenges: First, they suffer sluggish growth in revenues and find it difficult to launch new services; second, the demand for bandwidth soars; networks are becoming increasingly complex; and OPEX keeps rising. In the digital era, in addition to connectivity, operators need to provide other services and offer a ROADS experience. Only in this way can they secure a competitive position in the future high-value market. To address operators' challenges, Huawei has developed innovative solutions based on an open SDN/NFV architecture, which can simplify O&M and improve the utilization rate. These solutions can support operators' network transformation and accelerate their ICT transformation.

Video Everywhere: Digital natives drive up video consumption and 4G and 4K will cause rapid growth of video services. Video will become a basic service of operators. Huawei works with industry partners, both upstream and downstream, to jointly create a win-win ecosystem, promote the prosperity of the industry, and provide users with the best video experience. Video will change every facet of life, including home entertainment, work, education, and healthcare. With their constant advances, video technologies will bring people a whole new experience and serve as the bridge for people in the physical world to experience the digital world.

Digital Business Cloud: Huawei's Digital Business Cloud Solution will serve as a bridge between operators and their partners worldwide and create a robust digital service ecosystem that benefits all. The solution will boost efficiency in digital service development, distribution, operation, monetization, and settlement. At the MWC Shanghai 2015, Huawei – in tandem with GfK, Ali Telecom, and HanyaStar – will demonstrate successful practices in areas of Big Data services, exposure of voice capabilities, and video.

Big Data: Huawei FusionInsight – an end-to-end Big Data platform solution – promises unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. With deep insights into Big Data trends in the telecom industry, Huawei has developed this solution by innovating jointly with partners and by exploring operators' new business models and profit sources. The solution will be a perfect fit for industries during their ICT transformation and will lead the telecom industry in the Big Data era.

Quality Brand MBB: Operators are facing mounting challenges in the MBB era. First, user choice and brand equity are increasingly influenced by network ranking reports from operators' internal organizations or third-party testing institutes, media outlets, and governments. Second, traffic explosion causes unexpected negative impacts on operators, and invalid traffic devours network resources. These are the reasons why operators' revenue is growing slower than increases in traffic volume and investment. Third, data-intensive events and traffic spikes put networks under relentless pressure. In response to these challenges, Huawei has come up with the BEST Network Solution to boost operators' brand equity, network quality, and return on investment.

Telco OS: The main driving force of Telco Transformation is by the change of end user behaviors and demand. Along with Digitalization and Internetization, ROADS becomes the new benchmark of user experience and demand, which brings up significant business opportunities as well as challenges. A new agile digital operation model is the key to realize ROADS, fulfill Telco Transformation, and monetize the maximum business value. In early 2015, Huawei unveiled an end-to-end digital transformation solution - Telco OS, an end-to-end next-generation operation system. Telco OS enables operators' transformation towards digital and Internetized operations, orchestrates the operations of agile business process, infrastructure automation and big data, facilitates quickly deliver ROADS experience and build a future-oriented digital ecosystem.

Innovative City booth: Huawei is committed to building a better world full join, strengthen relations between people, between people and things, exchange and interoperability between things and inspire people unlimited opportunities and potential, to build a better World-wide connection. Huawei will showcase include intelligent home IOT platform, personal health management, based on intelligent parking / meter, smart shopping malls, car networking, fully connected architecture, visual scheduling, fleet management in Innovation city.

Huawei will host the Entertainment Unlimited Summit in association with GSMA in Kerry Hotel, Shanghai, from July 16 to 17. As a highlight of MWC Shanghai, the summit will bring together leading operators, content providers, OTT players, and providers of TV, Internet, video, and music services. Specifically, attendees will include Qihoo 360, Asia Media, Huayi Brothers Media, Migu Digital Media, China Telecom Tianjin Branch, WASU, Phoenix TV, Youku, and Nemo TV. In light of Internet +, attendees will discuss strategies for content production, distribution, communication, and commercialization. This summit will highlight how carriers can achieve business success in video and 4K services in the upcoming video era. It will also shed light on digital transformation driven by innovative Digital Everywhere solutions.

As an ardent contributor to the ICT industry, Huawei is committed to partnering with leading operators, industry institutes, and other third parties to drive this industry forward. Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 will be held at Shanghai New International EXPO Center from July 15 to 17, 2015. Huawei's booths are in the W5 and W4 halls.

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