Huawei launches CloudFabric Solution to help enterprises build ultra-simplified and efficient cloud data center networks

Via Huawei Corporate News

Sep 20, 2017

[Shenzhen, China, September 20, 2017] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, Huawei launched the CloudFabric Solution, which proposes the concept of modular networking optimized for specific scenarios, starting with three scenario-oriented fabric models: High Availability, Hyperscale, and High-Performance Computing (HPC). Huawei also launched FabricInsight, a newly upgraded intelligent network analysis and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) platform. The new CloudFabric Solution can build a cloud data center network (DCN) that features ultra-simplified design, deployment, and O&M for enterprises.

Cloud has become a key engine of digital transformation. More and more industries have started cloud-based transformation, bringing more scenario-specific requirements. However, enterprises face great challenges such as complex networking selection and low operation efficiency when using a traditional general solution to perform transformation. Based on specific application scenarios, Huawei CloudFabric Solution helps enterprises quickly build ultra-simplified and efficient cloud data center networks.

Huawei CloudFabric Solution provides three scenario-oriented fabric models. High Availability Fabric model is designed for high-reliability, high-security, and intelligent O&M data center networks, ensuring 24/7 running of critical data center services in the finance industry, among others. Hyperscale Fabric model is designed for hyperscale, highly scalable, and non-blocking data center networks containing multiple automated management clouds, and can be widely applied in the Internet industry. HPC Fabric model is designed for data centers requiring HPC and can be used in industries such as satellite mapping, energy detection, and life sciences, meeting the zero packet loss and low delay requirements of Ethernet fabrics.

“As the digital transformation of enterprises accelerates, service cloudification is not exclusive to the Internet industry, and has become a common choice in more industries such as finance, manufacturing, and energy. Therefore, application scenarios on cloud data center networks have become more diverse. Enterprises in each industry focus on quickly and effectively utilizing cloud-base technologies to achieve business innovation in the industry and improve operational efficiency,” said Yu Li, General Manager of the Huawei Data Center Network Domain. “Huawei’s CloudFabric Solution defines scenario-oriented Fabric models, focuses on the network and applications instead of Network Elements (NEs), and helps enterprises quickly build cloud-based networks matching service scenarios and future development, accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises.”

In addition, Huawei’s CloudFabric Solution upgrades the intelligent network analysis and O&M platform FabricInsight. By collecting and analyzing real traffic on the entire network, FabricInsight displays the health of applications and networks based on their associations in real time and implements minute-level fault location. Based on the retrieval of tens of billions of data records within seconds and precise playback of historical faults, FabricInsight provides optimization suggestions on sudden temporary exceptions on the network. By leveraging real-time telemetry technology, FabricInsight also evaluates the network Service-Level Agreement (SLA) comprehensively and predicts unknown risks, opening up a new era of intelligent network analysis and O&M.

Based on scenario-oriented modular fabric networking, Huawei’s CloudFabric Solution can greatly reduce the difficulty of network architecture design and shortens the design period from months to days, implementing ultra-simplified design. Furthermore, based on the open SDN architecture and automatic delivery of network configurations and security policies, this solution shortens the service provisioning time from weeks to minutes, achieving ultra-simplified deployment. Finally, based on the intelligent network analysis and FabricInsight, this solution improves decision-making efficiency and reduces fault location time from hours to minutes, implementing ultra-simplified O&M. As an important part of Huawei's All-Cloud Network, the future-oriented CloudFabric Solution is committed to helping more industries and enterprises to grow with the cloud.

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