Huawei and Fortinet successfully complete SDN multi-vendor integration verification to strengthen safety field cooperation

Via Huawei Corporate News

Dec 24, 2015

[Beijing, December 24, 2015] Huawei and the world's leading network security provider Fortinet, have completed a SDN-based pre-integrated multi-vendor verification. The collaborative project which included a high-strength network Anti-DDoS scenario and cloud data center business chain scenario was carried out at Huawei’s Beijing GNEEC SDN OpenLab. With the verification project complete, Huawei and Fortinet will continue to promote development of SDN ecosystem cooperation.

SDN evolution, especially the SDN/NFV opening features, allows operators to offer more flexible and rich value-added services. However, incompatible interfaces between the various network security product manufacturers, has posed a significant challenge for system integration.

The SDN field network security service integration verification tests simulated the flow of importing and cleaning, based on analysis of big data in an Anti-DDoS scenario. In addition to providing vFirewall security solutions for users in a cloud data-center business scenario, Huawei’s SDN integrated solution can also provide network security value-added services for operators.

"SDN’s open features deliver more market space, as partners have the opportunity to add innovations,” said Ning Kun, general manager of Huawei’s Network Integration Services. “We will regularly discuss integrated solution details with Fortinet, and help end-users achieve settlement of application programs.”

Tan Jie, Fortinet’s technical director for China, added: "In recent years, Fortinet has increased investment in SDN security and added a variety of security technologies (NGFW, WAF, mail security, sandbox, etc.) into the SDN network structure. Fortinet security technology combined with Huawei’s open SDN solutions will help users to build flexible, fast and secure business systems.”

In future, Fortinet and Huawei will continue to collaborate to put more resources into program design and integration testing, and will cooperate with operators, upstream and downstream partners, and the open source community, to develop network security services programs.

Huawei actively promotes cooperation in the field of SDN integration services, with joint operators, standards organizations and other industry partners and developers to build win-win SDN ecosystems committed to providing high quality service with a powerful combination, and promote SDN industrial maturity.

The Beijing GNEEC (Global Network Evolution & Experience Center) SDN OpenLab, and Huawei’s SDN-based network evolution and transformation experience center, focus on carrier network and business transformation. To date, these centers have completed 11 projects, including E2E pre-verification projects around the world, and have launched cooperative projects with 14 partners. These projects have won wide recognition by operators and partners.

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