Fujitsu Releases Open-Source Software for Managing the Cloud Marketplace

Establishes new community to standardize cloud-service connecting technologies and create an ecosystem

Tokyo, October 27, 2015

Fujitsu has announced the immediate availability of free, open-source software Open Service Catalog Manager, which is based on FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Service Catalog Manager, software for managing the cloud marketplace. The company is also establishing a new Open Service Catalog Manager Community, with the aim of advancing technologies necessary for the cloud marketplace and expanding functionality for coordinating diverse cloud services.

As a result, companies contemplating the use of multiple clouds can build environments that are optimally tailored to their needs quickly and at low cost. Specifically, companies can employ Open Service Catalog Manager to support access methods and billing management for various cloud offerings.

By providing FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc, the digital business platform, and Open Service Catalog Manager, Fujitsu will contribute to the increased cloud utilization of its customers.


Corporate cloud environments are becoming increasingly diverse, and it is expected that there will be a rising need for new technologies that enable easier use of multi-cloud environments that bring together different clouds for use.

At present, however, cloud access methods and billing management schemes vary by cloud service provider, and progress has not been made on standardizing technologies for linking each of these clouds together.

Amid these conditions, Fujitsu has released FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Service Catalog Manager, marketplace construction and management software, as Open Service Catalog Manager with the aim to increase cloud utilization through the spread of the cloud marketplace, which configures cost settings for each cloud and displays a list of services from which users can easily make selections. Fujitsu is also establishing a community to build upon this software.

Website for Open Service Catalog ManagerWebsite for Open Service Catalog Manager

Features of Open Service Catalog Manager

FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Service Catalog Manager has a track record of deployments outside of Japan, where use of the cloud is advancing. Now, as Open Service Catalog Manager open-source software (OSS), Fujitsu is releasing its source code without charge to give users the ability to freely access and modify.

Open Service Catalog Manager has linkage plugins that seamlessly connect to each type of cloud as well as other features, including functions for calculating usage fees based on actual usage and for generating reports. Therefore, by using Open Source Catalog Manager, users will be able to raise the operational efficiency of their cloud environments and enhance the convenience of cloud services.

Framework of Functions in Open Service Catalog ManagerFramework of Functions in Open Service Catalog Manager

Screenshots of the marketplaceScreenshots of the marketplace

Establishment of the Open Service Catalog Manager Community

To spread and improve open-source technologies for the cloud marketplace, today Fujitsu has established the Open Service Catalog Manager Community. Fujitsu expects 300 members to participate by the end of fiscal 2017.

Cooperating with contributors in this community, Fujitsu will carry out activities such as accelerating the expansion of management functions for seamless connections to a variety of clouds.

In addition, Fujitsu will work on commercializing OSS that has been enhanced by the community.

Fujitsu Open-Source Initiatives

Since 2000, when full-fledged OSS initiatives began in Japan, Fujitsu has participated as a founding member of The Linux Foundation, and now as a Platinum member with an employee serving as the foundation's Vice Chair, the company works to advance the Linux operating system. In addition, in 2013, Fujitsu joined the OpenStack Foundation, which promotes the spread of OpenStack, and has been active as a Gold Member since July 2015. Collaborating with Hewlett-Packard Company and other project members on Monasca, a satellite project of the OpenStack Foundation, which provides functions for monitoring resources deployed in OpenStack, Fujitsu is contributing its log-management function as of August 2015.

Fujitsu will continue to collaborate with other companies on initiatives to improve and spread open-source marketplace technologies.


Fraunhofer IESE

Dr. Frank Elberzhager, Senior Engineer and Project Lead

"In the successful research cooperation between Fujitsu and Fraunhofer IESE, we experienced an agile development process at Fujitsu delivering Open Service Catalog Manager with high quality. We managed to shorten release cycles so that Fujitsu has a product where customer requests can be handled in short cycles while maintaining high product quality. This is achieved by an innovative combination of manual and automatic quality assurance techniques focusing on functional and non-functional qualities. Applied techniques such as feature, performance and robustness tests are well aligned with the mature agile development process, controlled by a set of KPIs to predict resulting product quality."

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Roland Hochmuth, Tech Lead and Software Architect for Monasca, HP Cloud

"Fujitsu is leading the development and integration of logging in Monasca, which is the first open-source multi-tenant Logging-as-a-Service solution. The consolidation of the existing metrics, events and notification processing capabilities in Monasca with logging will provide a one-stop comprehensive monitoring solution that is capable of cloud scale. This will greatly enhance the operators abilities to gain operational insight and visibility, ensuring availability and stability."

ImageWare Systems Inc.

Violet Le, Director Marketing

"Fujitsu Open Service Catalog Manager enables ImageWare Systems to create business friendly environment for our Biometrics-as-a-Service offering. Using Open Service Catalog Manager, we were able to quickly define the cloud services, provide flexible pricing and easy adoption to meet new market demands."

SUSE Linux GmbH

Michael Miller, Vice President, Global Alliances and Marketing

"With Open Service Catalog Manager, Fujitsu is providing an innovative solution to help CIOs more easily manage the consumption of their private and public cloud applications and services. The integration of Open Service Catalog Manager and SUSE OpenStack Cloud offers a glimpse into our joint-development partnership with Fujitsu, where we work closely together to deliver solutions customers are looking for to help ensure their success."

Time Warner Cable

Bradley Klein, Senior DevOps Engineer

"We're excited about the contribution Fujitsu has made to Monasca with the log management feature. This will give us the opportunity to potentially replace our usage of splunk, but more importantly begin to draw correlations between logs and Monasca metrics that would be cumbersome if not impossible without this feature. Fujitsu is a valued partner in the OpenStack community!"

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