Fujitsu Releases FUJITSU Cloud IoT Platform, a Platform Service for IoT Data

Tokyo, June 10, 2015

Fujitsu today announced the immediate start of sales in Japan of FUJITSU Cloud IoT Platform, a new platform service for utilizing IoT data over digital business platforms, based on FUJITSU Knowledge Integration, a new integration concept that drives the digital business era.

This IoT Platform is a service for building and providing features for the efficient and real time utilization of enormous amounts of sensor data from people and things, over Fujitsu's public cloud. It incorporates the world's first distributed service platform technology, developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., that dynamically allocates and accelerates data processing. Even in environments where data volumes fluctuate dramatically, it can keep resource requirements in check and realize stable performance. The new service will make it possible for customers to quickly develop lines of business using IoT while holding down costs.

In addition, Fujitsu has from March 2015 conducted field trials on the production line of Fujitsu I-Network Systems Limited's (FINET) Yamanashi plant, and services and products that utilize the knowledge and know-how gained from this are scheduled to be offered from August. Targeting the logistics industry, Fujitsu will also commence efforts to implement field trials on the analyses of the paths that people traverse at retail sites.

Fujitsu is also strengthening its partnerships by taking an equity stake in IQP Corporation (IQP), which creates easy-to-use development tools for IoT applications.

Based on Human-Centric IoT, Fujitsu will continue working to implement a variety of field trials for Proof of Business (PoB) and Proof of Concept (PoC), incorporating the knowledge and insights gained to enhance products and solutions, and to accelerate the formation of global ecosystems. Fujitsu supports the generation of innovation by customers, and contributes to the creation of new businesses and strengthened competitiveness.

The new service is being exhibited at Interop Tokyo 2015, running June 10-12 at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture).

About FUJITSU Cloud IoT Platform, the IoT Data-Utilization Platform Service

This is a dedicated platform service for building and providing on Fujitsu's public cloud the complete range of functions needed for the IoT. The IoT Platform incorporates distributed service platform technology from Fujitsu Laboratories, and is to be steadily enhanced with cutting-edge technologies and functions based on the knowledge and know-how gained from PoB and PoC.

1. Features

1) High-speed processing of massive data, optimized performance Distributed service platform technology makes it possible to process reliably and in real time large volumes of data gathered from sensors using only a few percentages of the computing resources that would otherwise be needed, even in environments where data volumes fluctuate dramatically. Conventionally, data is either aggregated in the cloud in real time or it is processed at the gateway near to the information source, then only the results are aggregated in the cloud. This made it difficult to process data in real time even though it was kept in stable storage. In this service, a centralized management function built on the cloud side takes network-monitoring information from gateways equipped with specialized applications and by dynamically distributing data processing, optimizes overall system performance. In terms of multi-platforms, in addition to Fujitsu's own products, support will be steadily made available for the gateways of business partners (Intel® IoT Gateway, and others), as well as for various smart devices.

2) Supports a variety of sensors and devices In addition to conventional HTTP-REST, support for the lightweight MQTT protocol for IoT comes standard, for low battery drain and a lighter communications burden, enabling use of a wide range of sensors and devices. The service also has flexible support for adding or reconfiguring sensors.

3) Collected data can be used safely by multiple organizations A custom dashboard lets users set access privileges for sensor-data records. This provides more fine-grained data control than typical disk- or file-level privileges, to maintain security while letting customers use their data as best fits their business.

4) Supports UBIQUITOUSWARE connectivity Fujitsu plans to offer functions for connecting this service to the core modules of the company's IoT package FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE, as well as various middleware, during fiscal 2015. That connectivity will make it possible for the raw data from equipment and devices equipped with UBIQUITOUSWARE to be analyzed, and for results showing information such as a person's condition and position to be uploaded to this service, all with optimized traffic and systems configurations. Combining the service with distributed service platform technology enables even better overall optimization.

Organization of Fujitsu's Cloud Products & ServicesOrganization of Fujitsu's Cloud Products & Services Larger View (89 KB)

Illustration of service provisionIllustration of service provision

2. Pricing and Availability

Pricing and AvailabilityService NamePricing (excl. tax)SalesAvailabilityFUJITSU Cloud IoT PlatformSetup fee: JPY 50,000 Monthly fee: From JPY 50,000From June 10, 2015From August 3, 2015

About the Field Trials (PoB) Using the IoT Platform

With Fujitsu's IoT platforms(1) , in addition to this IoT Platform service fo IoT data-utilization, a variety of sensors, devices, networks, middleware, and applications can be combined in field trials, such as the following:

1. Field trials (PoB) and results with regard to factory data aggregation and management in the manufacturing industry

Field trials organize correlations between sensing data generated on the factory floor and machine-tool logs, manufacturing results, operator information, and other related data, and aggregates the data in the cloud. Analytic tools are then used to digitally visualize the manufacturing site. This makes it easy to find the causes of productivity losses from congestion or stoppages, as well as decrease line-prep work and optimally balance lines. In addition, by sharing information between executives, floor managers, and operators, trials facilitate proposals for improvement and the streamlining of processes.

One such field trial (PoB), started in March 2015, is being undertaken at FINET's Yamanashi plant in order to bring digital visibility to the factory floor. The results of this PoB will be used to drastically shorten the time spent on improvement processes on every line. For small-lot, diverse-product production lines, in particular, line shutdown times are expected to be reduced by roughly 30%.

The knowledge and know-how gained through this trial will be used in offerings to be rolled out starting in August 2015 that include consulting services for the manufacturing sector, system design/construction, and post-deployment management.

Image of field trial for factory data aggregation and managementImage of field trial for factory data aggregation and management

2. Field trials (PoB and PoC) to analyze paths of persons on retail floors

Combining UBIQUITOUSWARE location terminals with middleware or IoT data-utilization platform service IoT Platform to FUJITSU Retail Solution CHANNEL Value, a business platform for data utilization, makes it possible to perform detailed analyses of patterns, which supports hypothesis testing of merchandising processes.

For example, with the goal of transforming retail shops, Fujitsu has commenced field trials related to analyzing the walking paths of customers and staff.

Trial Description This trial will gather information on the movements of shoppers and staff using UBIQUITOUSWARE location terminals, which can both send and receive using Bluetooth Low Energy, and middleware that provides location information. With rapid increases in the number of relative persons at retail sites as well, this verifies whether or not an environment for the stable aggregation of sensor data can be maintained. Based on the knowledge and insights gained from the field trial (PoB/PoC), Fujitsu plans to offer products and services that support traffic pattern analysis for retail outlets during fiscal 2015.

Strengthening Business Partnerships

Business alliance with IQP

Fujitsu and IQP have reached a basic agreement to collaborate on their respective IoT platforms, and are enhancing their business alliance, including an equity investment. IQP provides software that allows users to easily build applications that take actions in response to a wide variety of sensing data, and Fujitsu began IoT field trials using this software in November 2014. With this announcement, the two companies are moving forward to jointly develop linking functions for incorporating IQP's software into FUJITSU Cloud IoT Platform, in order to provide a platform that benefits from their respective strengths. In addition, Fujitsu subscribed to a private placement of new shares in IQP stock in May 2015, investing US$3 million from its corporate venture fund.

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