Fujitsu launches DMP integration service to enhance companies' promotions with big data integration, analysis

Via Fujitsu Press Releases

Aug 24, 2016

Supporting business expansion by proposing optimal promotions based on individual purchase and activity history

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, August 23, 2016

Fujitsu today announced the launch of DMP Integration Service to provide effective promotions by integrating and analyzing a variety of internal and external data. This "data management platform" service is set to respond to the rising needs of companies that want to put to use their data accumulated in internal systems to strengthen engagement with existing customers. Sales of the service will commence from August 23, with availability initially only in Japan.

This DMP Integration Service provides a data integration, analysis, and utilization platform to link the databases that integrate and manage a variety of mission-critical data held by companies, such as customer information, with access data such as internet searches and website views held by service providers. It provides optimal promotions based on individual purchase and activity histories, thereby integrating different customer channels. This system supports everything from collecting to utilizing data that matches the ways customers use their products, enabling the planning and implementation of promotions, including web promotions and email campaigns that take into account individual customers by integrating and analyzing a variety of data.

In advance of this launch, Fujitsu carried out a field trial in which it tested targeted advertisements using its PC shopping site, WEB MART. In the trial, Fujitsu linked its customer data with data held by Supership Inc., an advertising business, and by more narrowly targeting advertisements, this system was able to reduce by one-third from previous levels the cost per action (CPA)(1) across all customer actions, from ad views to customer purchases.

Going forward, Fujitsu will offer this service across a variety of marketing channels, supporting the digital transformation of the marketing space for companies.

Development Background

Recently, with the explosive spread of smart devices and social media, the whole concept of marketing has been changing in significant ways. In particular, attention has been centering on technology that records online activity histories and uses that data to maximize the value of customer experiences.

Fujitsu has an extensive customer base both in and outside Japan, and has built up a store of experience in using data over many years of building and operating mission-critical systems for customers. Now, in order to further expand customers' businesses, particularly in the high-demand marketing space, Fujitsu is offering the DMP Integration Service to fuse core data, such as customer information held by companies, with internet access data, and use it in promotional activities.

In order to help its customers achieve their digital transformations, Fujitsu is making this service a core product in its Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc, which incorporates cutting edge technologies, thereby helping customers create new value in data utilization and strengthening their competitiveness.

About the DMP Integration Service

The DMP Integration Service integrates customer data collected through different channels, using Fujitsu's proprietary technology to match this with anonymized online data and outside data held by third parties, creating a service platform that can add attribute data, such as interests and hobbies, to customer information, and integrate all of this data according to customer usage situations.

With this service, companies can carry out targeted promotional activities, which previously took a great deal of time and a number of personnel, in an autonomous fashion, including displaying personalized versions of company sites, providing high-quality recommendations on e-commerce sites, distributing promotional emails at optimized times, and improving the efficiency of web advertising. By providing this service, Fujitsu is contributing not only to strengthening engagement with existing customers for companies, but also to acquiring new potential customers to expand their business.

In addition, Fujitsu will support its customers by providing this service as a solution that leverages Fujitsu's expertise in systems integration.

About the Field Trial

Fujitsu runs online retargeting ads(2) as part of promotional campaigns aimed at sharpening the inclination to spend by customers who are members of WEB MART, its PC shopping site. To further increase the efficiency of the promotion, it implemented the DMP Integration Service on a trial basis and verified the effects.

Trial period: October-December, 2015 Goals: Improving the accuracy of retargeting ads and broadening the outreach to new users using targeted web advertisements by combining access logs and customer data. Data used: Customer data for several million people, including account information from the WEB MART PC shopping site and MyCloud personal portal site, as well as access information from the FMWORLD product site. Trial content: The above data was matched with audience data(3) for tens of millions of people from Supership Inc., an advertising and internet services company, and analyzed. Results: For segments optimized on the basis of individual purchasing and activity records, Fujitsu was able to concentrate on placing web ads that were theorized to be more effective, reducing CPA to one-third of previous values.

Fujitsu is currently running a trial using the DMP Integration Service in its B2B process as well, creating a reference from its internal applications, which will be proposed as an offering to customers.

Comment from Yuuki Miyamoto, Internet Advertising Business Unit Manager of Supership Inc.

In the current trend of digital marketing, effective use of data is increasingly important. By combining our ad platform, which features highly accurate targeting and analysis using unique data, with Fujitsu's DMP Integration Service, I think customers can maximize the value and application range of the data their companies collect.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and AvailabilityProduct NameRetail Price (Tax excl.)AvailabilityDMP Integration ServiceIndividual estimateOctober 2016

Sales Target

Cumulative total of 10.0 billion yen from the DMP Integration Service and related solutions by fiscal 2018.

[1] Cost per action (CPA)

The advertising cost incurred per each consumer action, from ad viewing to purchasing.

[2] Retargeting ads

A method of placing ads that aims to get consumers who visited a company’s site to visit it again.

[3] Audience data

Data based on web access records from cookies, to target people from information such as attribute data and location information without identifying individuals.

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