Fujitsu Co-Creates Open Innovation Gateway in San Francisco Bay Area as a Platform to Activate Innovative Practices Faster

Via Fujitsu Press Releases

Jun 23, 2015

Tokyo and Sunnyvale, June 23, 2015

Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc., and Fujitsu America, Inc., today launched Open Innovation Gateway (OIG) – Powered by FUJITSU. The OIG, located on the Company's campus in Sunnyvale, is a platform to connect and grow ideas, and based on the collaboration of internal and external partners, to verify and transform them into practical businesses. Through OIG, Fujitsu works to activate innovative practices faster, both inside and outside the Company.



The San Francisco Bay Area is known as the "Innovation Capital of the World" for its many examples of leading technologies and unique business models. Tapping into the collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit of the region, Fujitsu established the OIG to promote collaboration with customers and business partners and to facilitate truly innovative practices.

Open Innovation Gateway Overview

1. Objective

The Open Innovation Gateway is a platform dedicated to advancing the implementation of innovative practices faster. The goal of OIG is to quickly spur practical results, achieving growth with new businesses and social innovation, based on collaboration among thought leaders and organizations from a wide range of fields.

2. Innovation

In an effort to assist partners, both internal and external, the OIG will employ an integral process based on shu (learn) - ha (break) - ri (create), a concept originated in Japan that describes the cycle of continuous innovation. In the future, the goal of OIG will be to act a catalyst for activating innovative practices by providing a platform that enables partners both internal and external to learn-break-create - new ways of innovating. This process consists of three phases:

  • Shu (learn) - working with a partner to develop a big picture of emerging opportunities and plan how to move forward to take advantage of them;
  • Ha (break) - discovering one's own strengths and stepping out of comfort zones by connecting to the ecosystem to spur new possibilities; and
  • Ri (create) - deploying a knowledge-creating and open-services innovation model that also combines inventions with business models, innovation will be brought to market faster, enabling the next level of learning to start.

Overview of the shu-ha-ri (Learn-Break-Create) ApproachOverview of the shu-ha-ri (Learn-Break-Create) Approach

3. Collaboration

A newly renovated space on the Fujitsu campus in Sunnyvale will act as a physical point of contact for the OIG, and will facilitate meaningful opportunities for face-to-face collaboration between a wide range of individuals and organizations. Through interactions in both virtual and physical spaces, OIG will serve as a catalyst, deploying cutting-edge technology environments, as below, and putting them to use to more quickly connect, grow, and advance innovation.

OIG will primarily offer the following environments for innovation: - Infopresence(1) : Enables partners to co-create ideas with others connected to Internet-ready devices anywhere in the world. - Video wall: Uses the wall space to enable dynamic and engaging presentations. - Studio: Provides partners with tools to easily produce and edit videos onsite. - High Performance Computing (HPC): Partners can access HPC resources to run various analyses and simulations.

Open Innovation Gateway on the Fujitsu Sunnyvale CampusOpen Innovation Gateway on the Fujitsu Sunnyvale Campus

4. Scaling

The OIG team in the San Francisco Bay Area will work with others across Fujitsu to unleash new opportunities by co-creating a platform for business expansion in strategic areas of growth. This service will be helpful for partners - both internal and external - seeking entry into new markets, or expanding their presence in existing markets.

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