Does a home built into the side of a mountain have connectivity? Yes!

One Colorado family stays connected while living out their dream in the mountains

By Meagan Dorsch on September 28, 2015

Does a home built into the side of a mountain have connectivity? Yes!

Linda Gager loves the beauty of Colorado’s mountains and hills. In fact, she loves nature so much, she purchased a home outside of Ft. Collins that is built into the side of a mountain.

“We really wanted that Rocky Mountain lifestyle with wide open spaces and 360 degree views of nature,” says Gager.

She and her husband moved from Florida to their hillside Colorado home in 2011. The first thing the couple unpacked? Their Verizon Network Extender.

“Everyone should know about these because so many people in our region live in rural areas like us,” says Gager. “It works great. We are at 7,400 feet in a mountain community and can stay connected to the Verizon network.”

Even though Verizon is the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, there are still some places where signals can’t reach because of terrain or other sources of interference.

To help in these situations, Verizon carries network extenders, which help enhance coverage to keep customers connected in areas of weak signal coverage. Gager says both the Verizon network and durability of her Samsung Network Extender are impressive.

Gager, who is battling Parkinson’s Disease, needs to stay in constant contact with doctors and other health care professionals. She says her years as a paramedic in the field have also impressed upon her the importance of being able to reach 9-1-1 if her disease takes a turn for the worse while she’s at home.

“It’s almost 40 miles to my doctor, so being able to reach people is very important to us,” said Gager. “It gives me piece of mind. I feel secure having it, and it’s easy.”

Gager says equally important to her is the fact that Verizon’s Network Extender allows them to receive calls from area law enforcement as well as other alerts sent out by area officials, which is important given Colorado’s extreme weather in both the summer and winter.

As more people move to her neighborhood, Gager says she goes out of her way to help them overcome any connectivity challenges. She’s such a fan of the Verizon Network Extenders, she has posted information about them on the community bulletin board to spread the word about this important solution that supports a rural lifestyle choice.

“It allows us to live the way we want to live. I think we should let people know more about these network extenders. It is a specialized clientele that needs them but they’re important!”

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