Altice announces new global strategy: one group one brand

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Jun 26, 2017


  • Altice unveils new global identity
  • Altice commercial brand to be implemented in all countries by end of Q2 2018.

Altice NV (Euronext: ATC, ATCB) today announces a new unified global strategy, representing a new step in the Group’s evolution to strengthen its industrial and operational platform. This follows Altice’s transformation into a leading transatlantic telecoms, content and advertising company serving more than 50 million customers around the world.

** To epitomize this evolution, Altice announces today its new global and multi-local branding strategy

** The transformation from a holding company with a collection of different assets and brands around the world, to the establishment of one unified global group with one single brand – Altice – that reflects the international and digital nature of its business while reinforcing Altice’s multi-local knowledge and experiences.

Following 15 years of innovations, acquisitions and growth based on the vision of one entrepreneur – Patrick Drahi – this step unites and strengthens Altice’s businesses, which share one telecoms-content-advertising strategy, one execution model, and one common mission.

Altice Global Brand Creation and Details

To support the transition to one unified brand, Altice has worked with Publicis Groupe and the U.S. operations of design agency Turner Duckworth to create a new brand campaign inclusive of a new identity and new logo. The pillars of the new brand identity embody Altice’s global and local dimensions in telecoms, content and advertising.

The New Altice Identity & Logo The PathThe logo is a path; it is open and free of any borders or background, intended to represent Altice’s timeless aspirations to continuously innovate and reinvent the future to meet customers’ evolving needs. It reinforces the strength of the Altice brand, and the path which Altice and its customers take together to experience the future.

The Altice Corporate Tagline : Together Has No Limits The tagline proclaims the Altice vision: that when we come together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. “Together” because combinations are in Altice’s DNA – global and local; America and Europe; technologies and talent; telecoms, content and advertising; services and products.

** Benefits of One Brand: Customers, People, Stakeholders ** Benefit to Our Customers With one common brand, Altice will be in a position to create a unique, seamless and simplified experience for customers in a world where consumers are surrounded by global brands.

Benefit to Our People Building a unified and integrated group under one common brand, Altice has standardized common values and mindsets that maintain the same entrepreneurial spiritand dedication that have driven the Group to where it is today. Altice is reinforcing a culture that inspires the collaboration, innovation and energy that colleagues, customers and partners expect when they engage with Altice. To support this effort, Altice is implementing several internal programs:

  • Altice Young Talent: to recruit the best emerging, future talent
  • Altice Inside Reality: to onboard and discover the group
  • Altice Academy: to train all Altice employees
  • Altice International Exchange: to promote international job exchanges

Benefit to Our Stakeholders Altice is launching new global philanthropic strategy under the Altice Foundation that will cover global and local philanthropic activities, mainly around Education, Entrepreneurship and the Arts.

To learn more about the new Altice brand identity, values and mindsets, click here. **

Implementation of the Altice Brand ** The Altice name, brand and new logo will replace the current brands at each of Altice’s operating companies. It is expected that all commercial brands will have completed the transition process by the end of the second quarter of 2018.

The B2B brands will transition to Altice Business .

The telecoms sub-brands in select areas – Red in France; Moche, Uzo and Sapo in Portugal;Next TV in Israel; the media news brands (News 12 Networks, i24NEWS, BFMTV, RMC); press brands of SFR Presse (Libération, L’Express, etc.), and Teads will not change.

With both global and local scale, the new brand strategy will increase productivity and generate efficiency savings in marketing spend, creative, media buying and other related functions. The savings will enable continued investments in the businesses.

Michel Combes , Altice CEO:

“One group with one brand, Altice. Altice is today entering anew era, following its transformation into a global leader in telecoms, content and advertising. Operating as one unified organization, Altice will reinvent the future of the customer experience through an enduring commitment to deliver innovative, best-in-class products and services that unlock the limitless potential of our customers and our people. This is our path, this is the Altice path.”

Today from New York, Patrick Drahi shared with all Altice employees globally his long-termvision and aspirations for Altice and its employees. Click here to read the remarks he delivered at a global employee event.

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