Telus accelerates deployment of Smart Building technologies across Canada

  • With buildings accounting for 13% of Canada’s direct GHG emissions, Telus Smart Building solutions help organisations save costs and streamline operations

Vancouver, Canada — TELUS is accelerating the deployment of its Smart Building technologies across residential and commercial buildings throughout Canada, and empowering leading organizations, such as H&M and Arlington Street Investments, to reduce their energy consumption and adopt technology solutions that help them align with net-zero carbon emission mandates. With 78 per cent of operational building emissions coming from space and water heating equipment that burns fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions from buildings and residents is a top priority for a healthier future. The adoption of TELUS Smart Building and IoT solutions enables businesses to better monitor, control and optimize their energy usage, save money and provide an enhanced experience for their residents, employees and customers without requiring extensive equipment replacements. 

“Energy costs rank among the top operating expenses for businesses,” says Navin Arora, Executive Vice-president, TELUS and President, TELUS Business Solutions. “With TELUS Smart Building solutions, not only can we mitigate carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, we can also provide Canadian businesses with critical insights into their operational costs and energy efficiency, ultimately boosting net profit margins and helping them drive value for their employees, residents, customers and investors. Our mission is to enable businesses to thrive sustainably.” 

TELUS’ Smart Building solutions focus on heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting solutions, which integrate with existing building management systems to reduce disruptions during installation. A cloud-based platform gathers and analyzes energy data from various building systems, providing centralized monitoring and control. For instance, a retail company can gain full visibility into their energy consumption at every store and warehouse through a single interface, allowing headquarters to identify stores with excessive consumption and implement targeted energy-saving measures or make adjustments remotely in real-time. The solution also offers proactive maintenance alerts and early detection of equipment issues to prevent costly breakdowns and ensure smooth operations.  

“It was important for us to find a partner whose values align with our own, as well as ensuring we have the right support to continue working towards our carbon neutral goal,” said Sierra Le Blanc, Head of Construction & Facilities, H&M CA & US Midwest. “Sustainability is a major focus in our business and it’s critical we have solid, reputable partners like TELUS to help us move the needle.”

“Our team looked throughout the entire market to find a fully integrated smart solution for our high profile urban multifamily projects to ensure that we not only met, but exceeded, our next level service commitment to our communities,” said Frank Lonardelli, Founder & CEO, Arlington Street Investments. “I was extremely impressed with what we found to be the only turnkey smart home security technology with a fully automated and digital building solution offered through TELUS. We are proud to be partnering with one of Canada’s greatest companies and brands.”

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