Nokia lowers MobiFone’s network energy consumption with Nokia Digital Design

  • Nokia helps MobiFone improve energy efficiency without any impact on its network performance or end-user experience
  • Nokia’s new Digital Design service helps mobile operators tackle radio cell energy consumption also during peak hours
  • Trial highlights opportunity for operators to fast-track sustainable and energy-efficient approaches to their networks

Hanoi, Vietnam – Nokia today announced that it has helped MobiFone achieve overall energy savings of almost 14 percent in a world’s first trial of Nokia’s new Digital Design service. Based on data gathered from the network with Nokia’s analytics tools, MobiFone implemented power reduction in 88 percent of the 4G radio cells in the trial. To achieve the result, Nokia helped MobiFone transition from traditional network-wide or cluster-wide power settings to cell-level settings, which helped them find an optimal radio link and power balance with overall lower transmit power.

The pilot was conducted at 112 cell sites over an area of 65 square kilometres in Vietnam’s Ngu Hanh Son district. As part of the trial, Nokia Digital Design service was applied in MobiFone’s 4G 1800 MHz (band 3) layer.

Nokia Digital Design service analyses each individual cell in the network to determine interference, load, and beam-set configuration and recommends the most appropriate radio link power balance to reduce transmit power. While the in-built RAN software functions help tackle the power consumption during low traffic hours, the Digital Design service addresses also peak hour power consumption, leading to considerable energy savings.

The Radio Access Network (RAN) accounts for almost 80 percent of all mobile network energy consumption. Innovations that lower RAN energy consumption will have a far-reaching impact and contribute to overall reductions in the energy consumption of service providers.

Mr. Vu Tuan TrungDeputy Manager of Technology Department at MobiFone, said: “MobiFone supports sustainable practices to bring down our carbon emissions without compromising on performance or the customer experience. We are thrilled by the results of this trial with Nokia Digital Design and look forward to working with our longstanding partner, Nokia to reduce the energy consumption in other parts of our network.”

Rubén Morón Flores, Head of Market Unit Vietnam at Nokia, said: “This important trial of Nokia’s Digital Design service for improving the energy efficiency of MobiFone’s radio access network demonstrates how mobile operators can deliver a premium experience to end users while reducing their energy consumption. At Nokia, we embed energy efficiency thinking across our entire product and service portfolio, helping our customers adopt sustainable practices while also reducing their energy costs. We hope that this successful trial will inspire other service providers to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient solutions.”

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