KDDI joins global renewable electricity initiative RE100

On 6 July 2023, KDDI joined RE100, a global initiative that aims to achieve 100% of the electricity used in members' businesses renewably.
By joining RE100, KDDI will proactively further its initiatives to net-zero carbon emissions, which it has raised as its materiality.

RE100 is a global initiative comprising a coalition of globally influential companies that have committed to powering their operations with 100% renewable energy. The companies are united in their aim of expanding renewable energy in a bid to accelerate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As of June 2023, the initiative has over 400 members from around the world and from various industries. RE100 is run by Climate Group, an international environmental NGO in partnership with CDP, an NGO promoting global information disclosure on climate change.
In joining the initiative, KDDI received support from the Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership, a coalition of Japanese companies aiming to bring about a sustainable decarbonised society.

KDDI is aiming for net-zero carbon emissions from its business activities by FY2030 [Jump to the applicable section1].
The company will switch the electricity used at base stations and datacentres to renewable electricity, which has high additionality for reducing CO2 emissions, by purchasing renewable electricity from electricity suppliers and by directly supplying generated by renewable electricity operator au Renewable Energy [Jump to the applicable section2].
KDDI is also moving the head office to a new location equipped with advanced environmental performance that complies with RE100 requirements.

Welcoming KDDI's decision to join the initiative, Climate Group Director of Energy Sam Kimmins said,
"We are delighted that KDDI has joined RE100 the global initiative led by the Climate Group in partnership with CDP. By committing to 100% renewable electricity by 2050, KDDI is taking leadership in climate action. It joins over 80 Japanese RE100 companies who collectively, send a powerful message that renewable electricity makes good business sense."

KDDI accelerates actions to net-zero through joining RE100. KDDI is connecting people, businesses, and society through its initiatives and helping to conserve the global environment with its various partners.

KDDI's initiatives toward deploying renewable energy

Initiatives for communication facilities
  • Switching the power used at base stations and datacentres to renewable electricity (including energy attribute certificates)
  • Installing solar-power generation facilities at mobile base stations, operating "Sustainable Base Station" [Jump to the applicable section3]
Initiatives for offices
  • Introducing renewable electricity at company offices
  • Head office plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by spring 2025 around the time it is scheduled to move office [Jump to the applicable section4]
  • Introducing internal carbon pricing [Jump to the applicable section5]


Overview of the JCLP

The Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership is a unique coalition of Japanese companies, established with the firm belief that to bring about a sustainable decarbonised society, industries must proactively start taking action with a sound sense of urgency. It sees taking the lead in the shift to a sustainable decarbonised society as a business opportunity, and an opportunity for further growth. The JCLP aims to create arenas of dialogue with policy makers, industry, and the general public citizens, and expand its activities throughout Japan and Asia.

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