Inclusively | How can women and men both benefit from gender diversity?

A conversation with Vicky Messer from Picocom, Mark Gilmour from ConnectiviTree and Lesley Holt from UKTIN, hosted by Chris Lewis of Lewis Insight, and Monica Paolini of Senza Fili

Diversity benefits everyone – people, businesses and customers. How can we improve gender diversity in the workplace, in our daily work practices and in our environment in order to benefit both women and men? In this Inclusively conversation, in collaboration with UKTIN, women and men compare their perspectives on how gender diversity plays out and how to create a work environment and career opportunities that fit everybody.

Chris Lewis and Monica Paolini hosted this conversation with Lesley Holt from UKTIN, Marc Gilmour from ConnectiviTree, and Vicky Messer from Picocom, starting with three questions:

  • What is the impact of imbalanced workplaces?
  • What do women and men want? Is it different? How?
  • How can women and men jointly make the workplace more flexible and open to encourage women’s participation?

In partnership with UKTIN Talent.


  • Chris Lewis, Founding Director, Lewis Insight
  • Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili
  • Lesley Holt, Acceleration & Adoption Director, Partner Lead, UKTIN
  • Vicky Messer, VP Product Management, Picocom
  • Mark Gilmour, CTO, ConnectiviTree

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