Inclusively | AI and ML: Friend or foe of inclusion?

Chris Lewis
By Chris Lewis

Jan 15, 2024

AI and ML are powerful tools that can improve our lives but can also create social and economic challenges, and increase inequality. What role can they play in promoting inclusion, reducing biases, helping people with physical and mental disabilities? Conversely, can they hinder these efforts? Is there something we need to do to ensure that AI and ML will bring a positive contribution?

Our guest Greg Mayo from Netscout is an expert on AI and ML with experience in volunteering with and mentoring young people facing challenging social conditions. In this video episode of Inclusively, we discuss how these new technologies can improve these experiences and conditions.


  • Greg Mayo, Chief Architect, Netscout
  • Chris Lewis, Founding Director, Lewis Insight
  • Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili
  • Moderator: Kendra Chamberlain, Analyst, Senza Fili

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