How Metaswitch ensured interoperability with the NIMS project

Friday, 14th May, 2021, 04:00 EDT / 09:00 UK / 10:00 CEST
Paul Brittain, VP Product Strategy, Metaswitch
Guy Daniels, Director of Content, TelecomTV

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Executive Interview

Metaswitch supplies the interconnect side of the IMS core – essentially routing and security for voice calls out of NIMS into the many interconnected networks within the wider Deutsche Telekom Group. In more technical terms, that means a large deployment of SBCs across all the NIMS sites, plus a lot of collaborative work on the automation and configuration management processes for its own components and wider processes for NIMS.

A collaborative approach to NIMS resulted in an open two-way learning process around the key pain points and technical possibilities of automation in cloud – which all parties to the project have benefitted from.


Paul Brittain

VP Product Strategy, Metaswitch


Paul has over 30 years’ experience in data and telecommunications protocols, products and network design – spanning arcane details of SDLC links right up to multi-national cloud IMS architectures.

As Vice President Product Strategy, Paul co-ordinates future direction for Metaswitch portfolio, including IMS, VoLTE and NFV solutions for mobile and fixed operators, with a particular focus on Cloud Native architectures and operational automation. Having previously spent 10 years running our SE team, working closely with carriers of all shapes and sizes and in every market and geographies, he has the in-depth real-world knowledge and experience necessary help service providers of all types fully exploit the ever-accelerating pace of change in Telecoms technology and end-user expectations.

Paul joined Metaswitch in 1986 after studying Mathematics at Cambridge University. He is the author of, or major contributor to, several IETF RFCs, multiple white papers, and patents covering everything from protocols deep in the network to innovative user experiences for multi-modal communications, and is a frequent speaker at conferences on NFV and orchestration. When not at work, he can most often be found sailing around the western coasts of the UK and Ireland.

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