Telecoms as the Engine Room of the Digital Economy

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SESSION 1 - Telecoms as the Engine Room of the Digital Economy

DSP Leaders World Forum 2022 opens with an honest, post-pandemic assessment of the role the telecoms industry has played in keeping businesses and societies connected and how it is driving growth in the global digital economy. Yes, telcos face many threats and challenges, but there are also some great success stories that demonstrate the unique capabilities of the network and connectivity, and which point to future growth prospects for digital services businesses. It won’t be an easy journey, but neither is it an impossible one. Digitisation has accelerated within telcos and their customers, and it is now incumbent upon service providers to maintain the pace of this transformation and capitalise on the opportunities. This opening session seeks to identify the key challenges and opportunities, which will be explored in depth during the event.


Ahmed Hafez

VP Network Convergence, Deutsche Telekom

Francesca Serravalle

Emerging Technology Director, Colt Technology

Francis Haysom

Principal Analyst, Appledore

Luis Fiallo*

Vice President, China Telecom Americas

Mark Henry

Director of Technology & Business Strategy, BT

Mattias Fridström*

Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Arelion

Oliver Cantor

Associate Director, Global Products, Verizon