Taking 5G to the Edge

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SESSION 3 - Taking 5G to the Edge

For 5G to truly reveal its potential, operators need to implement 5G Core for a standalone capability. Only then will we see if heavily-touted features such as network slicing will attract significant new revenue streams, especially from enterprise customers. And for this to happen, telcos also need a strong Edge capability. It is getting difficult to treat one without the other. Yet the roll-out of 5G Core is proving to be a little slower than expected, further delaying ROI timescales. Many questions remain about how all this will come together - will private 5G prove to be the winning use case, how will slicing be incorporated, what about vRAN deployments at the Edge? Will DSPs have the ability to deploy new Edge and 5G services ahead of public cloud providers and systems integrators? The clock is ticking.


Graham Wilde

Head of 5G Business Development, CKH Innovations Opportunities Development

Hanen Garcia

Global Telecommunications Solutions Manager, Red Hat

Maria Lema

Co-Founder, Weaver Labs

Martin Taylor

Office of the CTO, Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Paul Miller

Chief Technology Officer, Wind River