Leveraging telco cloud for advanced operations

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Panel Discussion

The use of cloud platforms by telecom operators is reaching a new level of maturity, with many now adopting a hybrid model. And while the potential and capabilities of public cloud platforms for telco workloads are frequently discussed, how have private telco cloud platforms evolved in recent years? What functions and applications are optimised on a private cloud, how are hybrid approaches managed and how does this affect end users of all kinds? Which workloads are better suited for the public cloud and how is telco software (such as OSS and BSS) evolving as a result?

Broadcast live 6 June 2024



Greg McCall

Chief Networks Officer, BT Group

Andrew Coward

General Manager of Software Networking, IBM

Geoff Hollingworth

CMO, Rakuten Symphony

Michele Campriani

Chief Revenue Officer, Optiva

Mirko Voltolini

VP of Innovation, Colt Technology