From telco to techco: The impact of next-gen operations on skills, talent acquisition and retention

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Panel Discussion

As service providers restructure their businesses for a future built around digital services provision, rather than just connectivity, they must carefully consider the new skills and talent requirements that will transform them into digital service providers and techcos. In the opening session of this year’s DSP Leaders World Forum in Windsor, our senior network operator panellists, below, discussed the transition from telco to techco and the key foundations for success, leading co-host Scott Petty, Vodafone CTO, to conclude that bringing software engineering talent in-house is a vital move.  

Broadcast live 23rd May 2023



Scott Petty

CTO, Vodafone Group


Ray Le Maistre

Editorial Director, TelecomTV

Alfredo Musitani

Sales Executive, Digital Solutions, Telecom Argentina

Chris Thornton

Ecosystem Development Leader, Red Hat

Cormac Whelan

Head of the Telecom Systems Business, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Dell Technologies

Dan Rider

Director of HR, Networks, BT

Graham Wilde

Head of 5G Business Development, Three Group Solutions

Kristian Toivo

Executive Director, Telecom Infra Project