Focusing on the customer

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Panel Discussion

This year's event concludes with a special panel session that brings together members of the DSP Leaders Council. Delegates will have heard progress reports from the last 12 months and will have spent much of the past two days debating the current challenges and opportunities surrounding the provision of digital services. Now it's time to apply this to the customer experience. How can digital services providers meet and exceed the expectations of their customers, whether consumer, business or enterprise? How can DSPs do a better job than CSPs? And how can we ensure that we place the needs of the customer at the centre of our business models and maintain focus in providing an excellent, valuable and trusted experience?

Broadcast live 6 June 2024


Alexandra Foster

DSP Leaders Councillor

Andrew Coward

General Manager of Software Networking, IBM

Geoff Hollingworth

CMO, Rakuten Symphony

Neil McRae

Chief Network Strategist, Juniper Networks

Susan James

Vice President Innovation - Mobile Connectivity, American Tower