Building digital infrastructure from core to edge

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Panel Discussion

Regardless of whether a network operator has an ‘open’ or ‘traditional’ strategy, and relies on the public cloud or is mostly on-premise, even a software-first service provider still needs chips, modules and boxes. But what infrastructure will they need, from which supplier(s) and where will it be operated? This session explores the impact on service creation and the delivery of hardware selection, deployment and operations, and examines which options make the most sense in certain network domains and in relation to which services. White box hardware has been around for years now, but in what instances is it ‘carrier grade’, does that matter, and how do such considerations impact procurement strategies?

Broadcast live 5 June 2024



Francesca Serravalle

Head of Infrastructure and Energy, Vodafone UK

Darrell Jordan-Smith

Chief Revenue Officer, Wind River

Dean Dennis

Managing Director Global Solutions, Verizon Business

Vivek Chadha

SVP & Global Head of Telco Cloud, Rakuten Symphony